HighRisk Gateways – India’s International Gateway Providers

Our management team has years of experience in the financial services industry serving high-risk merchants for Credit Card processing by using their compelling blend of entrepreneurial flair and corporate experience to deliver significant value for high risk & e-commerce businesses across the world.

HighRisk Gateways offers customized solutions with strong corporate governance and independently audited with its PCI-DSS compliance gateway, which allows us to meet the interests and security needs of all key stakeholders like acquiring banks, ISO, Agent, Resellers, Merchants, Card Issuers, Customers and Internet Payment Networks Worldwide.

With our proprietary technology and highly experienced technical support staff, we are uniquely suited to deliver excellent service integrity, as well as fraud prevention & reconciliation. Our comprehensive approach protects the online customers’ transactions by your website, as well as your continued business success. Through our online secure, cutting-edge payment technology platform and our merchants get:

  • Varied payment options including Credit Card, Debit Card, ACH, Check, Direct Debit, and Other Alternative Payments Solution for online payment processing.
  • 24/7 Customer Support from our dedicated Account Manager.
  • Advanced payment security technology designed to protect cardholders and merchants data from online theft.
  • Comprehensive online accounting with real-time statistics, transaction reports, with weekly payment report.

If you would like to use our services for credit card processing, even if you have been terminated by your current processor, contact us today. Our team will assist you.

E-COMMERCE INDUSTRY: Our approach combined with a high standard of innovative services allows us to find a fast, attractive and competitive solution for your business and a wide range of e-comm contents. We offer an API solution with 3D secure technology to ensure the online security.
HIGH-RISK INDUSTRY: Over the years of experience in the high-risk market serving to high-risk merchants, HighRisk Gateways become specialized in high-risk merchant accounts across the world. Having in our mind, for clients we are focused on the most efficient solutions.
SMART ACQUIRING: HighRisk Gateways specifically focused on the e-commerce and m-commerce areas, HighRisk Gateways introduces an entirely new breed of acquiring — Smart Acquiring — to PSPs, ISOs and online merchants. Our solution offers the credit card processing with our International relationships.
FASTER TIME-TO-MONEY: HighRisk Gateways offers end-to-end acquiring and onboarding system to ensures that merchants are set up with maximum speed and efficiency, taking them from application to payment acceptance in just days!. We offer the faster payouts to our merchants.
INTERNATIONAL MERCHANT ACCOUNT: HighRisk Gateways works with various International processors and banks from USA/UK who provide settlement services for international merchants. We can approve any international merchant from the world except GAFI list of countries.
IBO/SIGNATORY: Independent Business Owner (IBO or Signatory) relationships can add additional MIDs or even establish a U.S. LLC, Corp, and UK corp and bank account etc.
CHARGEBACK MANAGEMENT: HighRisk Gateways monitor and report every detail about transactions to protect your MID from chargebacks and fraud, to prevent your MID termination.
COST EFFECTIVE: HighRisk Gateways help you to minimize the cost of payment processing, minimizing your monthly fee and maximizing the profit of your online business, no matter how small or large it is, We will help you.