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Businesses look for incredible solutions when it comes to payment processing and they require a suitable gateway to speed up the process of a transaction. In this case, ACH Payment Processing offers a safe transfer of funds from one account to another.  So they look for a reliable service provider to enhance their industry. HighRisk Gateways is the name that is well-known among the merchant class making the corporates run in a fine manner.

A flexible option to merchants

ACH Payment Processing is a flexible alternative for merchants. It lets you receive payment electronically or by means of electronic checks. It is conducive in increasing sales and decreases the costs associated with paper checks.

  • With ACH you can increase the processing capabilities and get payments from your customers in a timely manner.
  • Besides, you can incorporate check readers that are helpful in depositing checks to your account for easy payments.
  • Aids to stop ACH fraud by following PCI-DSS standards.
  • ACH is conducive for merchants by saving time and cash as you can avoid visiting the bank.

How Does ACH Payment Processing function?

The ACH payment procedure is the same as the old-style paper check process: Customers provide their bank direction-finding and verifying account numbers. The payment done is confirmed and sent automatically through the NACHA compliant scheme for an instant transfer. Industries often use ACH processing as an option to accept paper checks.

ACH Processing with a High-Risk Merchant Account

As a high-risk merchant, you can go for a high-risk business account with ACH Payment Processing. With ACH you can get a progressive transaction. Owning a high-risk merchant account can make your industry safe from any kind of fraud and also helpful in protecting from chargebacks.

Diverse currencies with ACH processing offer global dealings

As a high-risk gateways business owner, you can get various currency options with ACH Payment Processing solution. With multiple currencies, you can get an outstanding transaction and thus get the USA Dollar, the Australian Dollar, the UK Dollar, the Singapore Dollar and many more. With multi-currencies, there is a tremendous increase in revenue as international clients are driven to your website. The transfer of funds takes place in an easy manner from the client’s gateway to yours. There is great business on account of it and the patrons rely well on your web page.

How to apply for ACH processing?

As a merchant, if you are seeking solutions, firstly apply online and the expert squad will contact you soon as according to your details provided. The team will also inquire for vital credentials and once you offer them, they will view your documents in a thorough manner. Once it is viewed, it is sent to the acquiring bank for ultimate approval. The acquiring bank after going through the credentials finally agrees to offer ACH Payment Processing way-out to merchants.

Connect with HighRisk Gateways for astounding transaction

As a high-risk businessman, you can connect with HighRisk Gateways for an awesome transaction. HighRisk Gateways with years of experience offer varied services such as credit card processing, ACH Payment Processing, PCI-DSS, multiple currencies, high-risk gateway, SSL integration and many more. Besides, there are experts to guide the merchants in getting a gateway without a hassle.


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