Adult toys merchant account: No need to be discreet anymore!

Adult Industry & need of an adult toys merchant account

Why would anyone need an adult toys merchant account? Like many other high-risk businesses, adult toy businesses also fall into the high-risk category for many reasons. Lack of social acceptance in public can also be one of those reasons. But the reasons that caught the attention of such merchants are that they often face issues related to online payment processing.

Many merchants become victims of wrong decisions due to some of the PSPs. This is correct! What! Why so? Too many inexperienced PSPs don’t consider the needs of an adult toy merchant. And such PSPs hand over whatever services they have. But merchants should not take hasty decisions about money and online transactions

Complete transparency is essential when doing online business in high-risk industries. Here merchants should clear their minds and look for an expert who can give them the right solution. There are many experts available in the international market. But to get help from the best, merchants need to know the services they provide.

One of those PSPs, Highriskgateways is an experienced high-risk PSP. But what you’d get with them. Let’s see some of their initiates.

Highriskgateways |Adult toys merchant account|

Highriskgateways is an experienced PSP for over 8 years. They had served many high-risk businesses in the past and have learned many strategies to deal with such problems. Online payment processing requires expert support.

Highriskgateways provides merchants with the convenience of seamless transactions. Many businesses that were facing problems processing online payments came to ask for help and found the best solution ever.

The international market will never compromise on the quality of payment processing services. For that merchants will have to take the help of a reliable PSP. But to determine whether a PSP is reliable or not, merchants need to look at what the PSP is offering.

Besides, the PSP should have experience in handling risky situations in high-risk industries. Not every PSP is an expert to stand up to such a situation. But what is it that sets Highriskgateways apart from other PSPs? Let’s see what they are offering.

Highriskgateways has been reliable for following things

Consumer Support

Merchants’ consumers can ask for help with any problems they may have during their purchases. If they face any issue during payment processing, they will be able to get it resolved at the earliest. Due to that, the consumers will not face any problems.


Highriskgateways has the Level 1 certification of PCI DSS. We provide a completely secure online shopping environment to the merchants’ consumers. This will improve the goodwill and increase more trust in the brand of the merchants’ websites.

Expert Advice

After working for many years in the international market, we got to know how to handle things in online transactions. Plus we learned several ways to reduce the chance of chargeback and help merchants grow faster.

Chargeback Protection

Feature of chargeback was offered to help the consumers facing issues with the products’ quality. But at present, most people are using this facility for their selfishness. To prevent such acts we as a PSP always check whether the claim is eligible or not.

If the condition of the products isn’t matched with T&C the chargeback will be terminated after we get the proof of false claim from the merchant. This will end the cases of false allegations and counter-allegations.

Pros of Adult Toys Merchant Account

Faster Payment Processing

This merchant account has the support of a powerful payment processor. That processor can process online transactions faster than any other processor. Merchants’ priority is not to let the consumers wait for the completion of payment for too long.

Bank Cascading

Many times consumers have to deal with payment processing problems like payment stalling, stuck, and failure. But, since this merchant account has the support of several acquiring banks, such issues will not arise. Even if one bank refuses to process the transaction, the other bank will do so immediately. This will help the merchants to regain the trust of the consumers.

Check out

Global consumers want everything at a fast pace. With online shopping, the need is the same. No one wants to fill page by page to complete the payment for one product. To provide a faster check-out experience, this account allows the consumer to complete the entire process on a single page. Isn’t that amazing?

Easy Access

This merchant account can be easily accessed globally with the unique ID and password of the merchant. There is no need to arrange extra space for this.

International Bank Connectivity

Merchants interested in international transactions can get this account on an international basis. Highriskgateways has links with international banks. Thus, getting this account internationally will not be a problem for merchants.

Fraud prevention

This merchant account runs many fraud prevention tools to ensure that no one will be able to process any fraud transaction. Suppose a fraudster tries to pay with someone else’s card. But what if during the transaction, the details or location doesn’t match with the previous one of the consumer?

This will prove that the transaction has been done by a fraudster and needs to be stopped immediately. Then this merchant account will stop payment in no time.

Multicurrency usage

If the merchants are running an online website, it means that they can also connect with foreign consumers. And foreign consumers can ask to pay in their currency, no doubt. In this case, this account will help merchants receive online payments in many currencies. This will provide convenience for online merchants as well as consumers.

Alternative modes of payment

It is the best habit of merchants to step out of their comfort to provide convenience to the consumers. Thus, to provide support to merchants, this account allows them to receive payments in several options. The options that this account will provide are – UPI, Internet Banking, Net Transfer, and more. With this facility, online consumers will be able to make online purchases.

Credit card processing

Everyone knows that in most countries every second consumer uses a credit card for online shopping. Simply because consumers who shop with credit cards get many offers initially. To attract the attention of the online community, many businesses began to accept credit cards as payment methods.

This merchant account also accepts credit cards as a form of payment. And it has the support of a powerful payment processor that can provide faster credit card processing. Credit cards provide more convenience to consumers than any other payment method.

Ask an Expert

Adult toy merchants are always under a lot of pressure. But from now on they will not have to bear much stress on their shoulders. Now we’ve got an overview of why adult toy merchants need an adult toys merchant account.

Let’s recall what we talked about. First, we talked about the adult industry and the need for an adult toys merchant account. Then we discussed what Highriskgateways can provide to high-risk merchants. After that, we went through the features that merchants should apply for this merchant account.

We have worked with many high-risk businesses such as Forex, Casino, E-commerce, etc. Drop a mail and get the best deals ever at a reasonable price.


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