Get adult toys merchant account at high approval rates

Adult Toys Merchant Account

As the adult toy industry sells confidential and secret products many banks deny for the merchant account services. Finding the processor for the online merchant account for the adult toy is very tough. Here at HighRisk Gateways, we are authorizing marketing partners to sell the high-risk merchant account. We have built a large offshore network with banks and institutes for the approval of merchant accounts. We understand the business need of every business type. We have six years of experience in providing adult toys merchant account so we deliver a reliable solution at the best price.

Adult online businesses are growing at a huge pace. These industries are considered high risk because of insecurity of payments. Now people are getting an advance and they are not shy to buy adult toys. There is huge demand online, due to which many start-ups have also joined the adult toy service industry. This is the most lucrative segment. These industries are at high risk because most banks do not approve or hesitate to offer the merchant account support.

Features of adult toys merchant account

  • We provide a reliable and safe solution with very fewer fees.
  • We provide safe and secure transactions through our reliable payment gateway.
  • Our payment gateway allows accepting the online payments globally.
  • We have a trusted network of banks globally to approve merchant account easily.
  • We offer the settlement on a daily or weekly basis. The settlement may vary as it is based on the credit card history.
  • Our approval process is quick and simple.

How to get an adult toys merchant account?

We provide you an opportunity to accept the online payment on fewer charges. We cover almost all major countries like USA, India etc. It is very easy to get the merchant account from us. We are high-risk processor and have sponsored with many banks to provide approval on the merchant account. Submit a necessary document online like identity proof, resident proof, bank account details etc.

The underwriting team will review the documents and gives approval in a few days. To get quick and confirmed approval, you need to compile the required documents and submit at the earliest. You will receive a dedicated account manager to support you. You will get all the support from our team in setting up a merchant account and implementing the payment gateway.

Benefits of connecting with HighRisk Gateways

HighRisk Gateways provides you the best adult toys merchant account by which you can receive all international payments online within a few hours. We believe that the genuine and legitimate adult toys merchant account holder deserve to earnings growth in revenue. We assist in the merchant account services till the account is active.

Contact us to get started

If you want to set up an adult toys merchant account with us and want to grow your business. You can contact us today via email at or call us at 011-39595940.