Apply for Adult Video Merchant Account @HighRisk Gateways?

HighRisk Gateways serve you the best in getting the adult merchant account for your online business. The majority of people come across the various laws while opening the adult video merchant account. It is difficult for these companies to earn in total because of the rules and regulations. Through our premium solution, you can earn well as we provide services at a low cost and easy solution. We ensure the safe credit card and eCheck payments through our secured gateway.

We have reliable adult merchant account solutions for adult video sites, Escort services, pictures, live webcams, dating site, adult toy etc. Most of the Banks deny the adult industry for providing the merchant account solutions because of legality and restrictions. The credit card payments are of high risk in such industries. We specialize in the payment solution for all type of industry worldwide. We find the best and reliable solution to increase the business revenue of the client.

All about adult video merchant

Adult Video merchants are there all over the world. Even the adult video companies deserve to earn the revenue like other industries. Such businesses are surviving in the market but nobody accepts to see such videos online. The majority of people from young age to old age group are demanding such videos. Because of the advanced culture, many businesses are coming with such solutions to earn high revenues.

Pricing of the adult video merchant account

The price varies from the type of services merchants are taking. The different risk is involved in different services. If you are looking for domestic merchant account then cost is low as compared to offshore accounts. The number of countries you want to serve online and the type of services you are taking are totally different. Price varies in all aspects. But here, we will give you custom services at low price.

We do not encourage the following services

  • Child pornography videos
  • Homosexual adult videos
  • Bestiality videos
  • Hypnosis type video.

Why people are attracted towards our services?

There are many benefits we provide you in term of merchant account services. HighRisk Gateways provide quick services at an affordable price to make the whole process easy and convenient for you. We will help you in making you survive in the market and earn lots of revenue. We keep on updating system from time to time which facilitates you the best all time. We work on better payments, easy processing, user-friendly platform, secure gateway, and API protocols. You can receive payments in multiple currencies whichever benefits you. We not only make you satisfy but also make your customer happy and satisfied.

We are Happy to help

We have adult merchant account experts with us who have experience in dealing with such business. They will share the insight details of the adult merchant account. Contact us today to learn more about the application process of the adult video merchant accounts. As we told we provide a wide variety of adult merchant account.