February 2019, High-Risk Gateways, a global payment service provider was recognized as a Top 10 Award Winner in 2019 by CIO Advisor Magazine in the Asia Pacific Region.  Shippu Puri, Strategy Business Development Manager of HighRisk Gateways, NCT of Delhi is awarded by CIO Advisor’s Managing Editor, Selena James for offering payment gateway solutions to merchants in the Asia Pacific region.

CIO Advisor interviewed Shippu Puri, Strategy Business Development Manager for a closer look at the services offered by her company and how they are different from other service providers.

“We are greatly dedicated to our clients and make sure they are satisfied with our services. We offer diverse solutions for merchants according to their need. We offer a simple solution to them to process the payment…..” said Shippu Puri.

“It is more challenging since we do the cross border, also at the same time, we have to look at the merchant industry; we have to make different merchant licenses as per the regulations,” said Shippu.

She stated “Designed with a high standard of innovative techniques, we offer ‘online payment services include payment gateway, credit card processing, eCheck payment gateway, offshore merchant account, ACH payment processing, and international merchant transaction. We accept fax, phone, and mail order purchases with the company’s MOTO terminal.  Besides, we also help the merchants in accepting electronic credit card payments quickly in an affordable manner by credit card processing solutions.”

About HighRisk Gateways

Established in the year 2009, HighRisk Gateways is one of the leading industries related to payment gateway solutions for merchants. We offer diverse solutions to all sectors of businesses. HRG being one of the reputed payment consulting companies include diverse professionals that make a team of content writers, sales, SEO specialists, etc. and offer an exact solution to merchants.

Besides, there is an assurance, reliability and safe payment processing by providing a full collection of free merchant services to drive maximum payment approval competence. As a financial consultant, HRG has created a niche in the business world offering suitable services to merchants of diverse businesses through payment gateway solutions. For more info, log on to our website https://www.highriskgateways.in/


HighRisk Gateways

Email: support@highriskgateways.in

Website: https://www.highriskgateways.in/

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