See yourself in Europe – We have the alternative payment options to take you there with our Bank transfer Direct Debit & SEPA. Grow your market and lower your risk.

Whether you currently sell into Europe market, or are considering making the transition in the Europe, HighRisk Gateways provides the leading bank transfer solutions across Europe’s most dominant markets. Our Bank Transfer enables a simpler, faster and more profitable way to accept payments due to risk reduction of the charge back, lower processing fees, and advanced settlement time frame. We can also approve your merchant account for SEPA (Single Europion Payment Area) to accept the payment from SEPA and EEC areas.

How Bank Transfer benefits your business:

  • Provides an alternative of credit card payments;
  • Avoid unwanted chargebacks;
  • No refunds or charge reversals across several markets once we have delivered the services;
  • Assured funds and instant notification on the merchant portal;
  • Popular, high conversion-ratio across the Europe market;
  • Instant access to European customers;
  • Applies to merchants in all industries and regardless risk levels.

If you would like to use our Direct Debit Service, Do email us on with your business profile, Our team will assist you further.