“Small businesses and deeds to complete”

Best credit card processing for small businesses isn’t impossible, you just need to pave the way for them to come into your schedule. Businessmen thrive to earn as much as they can do. And to do that they need experts’ assistance.

Small businesses get started from a low level of distributing goods, and services. But when they see that a new opportunity is emerging, they do everything to grab it. In the meantime, if we talk about several payment modes that every company accepts online, we can say cards are the most preferred amongst them.

Making a community of regular customers starts from changing strategies, and developing technology. This change comes in the schedule because of two reasons, (1) to provide convenience to the consumers, and (2) to have a better future.

Well, if you need to collect card payments online, you need merchant services. But to collect them you need to go to your payment service providers. For most people, the first one for such services could be a local bank.

But there’s an exception. Local banks don’t feel too good when it’s about facing risk factors that some businesses attract. Even if you’re a small business owner you may own some of those risk factors.

Risk Factors | Small Businesses

Like the previous header, we talked about the risk factors. Let’s clear the scenario to get a full view of the situation. You as a small business owner might be or might not attract high-risk factors. But if your business is connected to online sales then there can be a chance that you do attract high-risk.

Online businesses are commonly running to attract online users to sell the products of one’s company. These businesses are on online websites, which give the convenience to online users to select and buy the products online.  

During online purchase, if the user doesn’t like the product it can be replaced or the amount can be refunded. This facility was introduced to online customers for their convenience in case they don’t feel like the product has been used to them.

But some people took it too far to call it a benefit to consumers. They purposely use the products, and when they get bored of it they charge a chargeback to the company. It could be bearable if it was for a genuine reason. But from the looks of it, it doesn’t seem to be an innocent approach.

Online Frauds

Now, on the other hand, this was not the only disadvantage to an online merchant. But they also have to fight online fraudsters. Online fraudsters took the initiative to cheat merchants with the money of someone innocent. To stop these situations you need merchant services.

Getting the best credit card processing for small businesses will be possible when you’d be able to decrease the rates of these risk factors. Now to get these things done at a fast pace you need the support of an expert. And that will be a PSP. PSPs are the service providers that work for the convenience of online merchants.

Online merchants collect the money from their websites via a gateway that is called a “payment gateway”. This payment gateway is used to accept money online. But you need to be careful about some facts.

Choose Wisely | Risk Potential

See, even if PSPs are the service providers that can help a merchant to grow more. But there’s a limit for everyone to which they can support anyone. If we talk about the limits of a PSP, then we’ll say not every PSP is fond of risking their services over high-risk. So, you can expect where this is going.

If you want to deal with such risky situations you need the help of high-risk PSPs. Now, in this crucial situation, where can you find a reliable high-risk PSP? Of course! We knew that you were about to ask it.

HIGHRISK GATEWAYS | Best credit card processing for small businesses

HighRisk Gateways is a high-risk payment service provider, and we’re here to resolve your issues. We’re working since 2012, and met with several types of business sectors. So, you can just think we have enough experience to support you through n through.

Challenging a risky situation is a piece of cake to us. On top of that, we have the support of several acquiring banks. So, there won’t be any situation where you’d feel stuck, or held.

Let’s talk about what we serve our clients. We mainly serve our clients with two main services, a high-risk merchant account, and a high-risk payment gateway.

With the help of a high-risk payment gateway, you’ll be able to accept online payments securely and faster. And with the help of this high-risk merchant account, you’ll be able to receive that money conveniently until you settle all your expenses.

High-Risk Payment Gateway | Credit Card Processing

With this high-risk payment gateway, you’ll have the support of a high-risk payment processor. And within this payment gateway, you’ll get some amazing features that will provide you with enough facility.

Some of those features are listed below. So, now you can see if the service fulfills your demand or not.

APM (Alternative Payment Modes)

Like many businesses in the international market accept various payment modes while a purchase by the consumers, you can do the same. This gateway has the feature of alternative payment modes. It means you can accept several popular payment modes as payments from consumers.

With this facility, they’ll be able to buy the products when they need them. And it would be good for your company’s reputation. As much as you can provide the benefits, they’ll refer your website’s link to their friends and family. Isn’t this a good deal?

Multi-Currency Support

When you connect to online platforms you also maintain to connect to millions of consumers online. In this group of people, you may meet consumers from various countries. So, for them making online shopping easy is also your duty. To complete that duty of yours, you need to get them to ease at bill paying.

This gateway has the feature of multi-currency support. With the help of this feature, the consumers will be able to pay in their currency. Also, the merchants will be able to accept payments in several currencies.

Credit Card Processing

Let’s come to the main topic. We’ll say if this gateway doesn’t provide anything for what we want then what the benefit of this service is. With this gateway, you can accept card payments online with no issue. Also, this gateway has the support of a high-risk payment processor. It will help the merchants to process credit card payments faster and securely. To get the best credit card processing for small businesses, you can rely on this high-risk payment gateway.

Fraud Prevention Tools

Online frauds are always been the reason for merchants to be worried. To resolve this matter this gateway has the support of fraud prevention tools. This gateway runs these tools on every transaction.

That is to ensure the merchant that there won’t be a single fraudulent transaction that will pass through the gateway. It checks every transaction so that consumers will feel safe while buying something from your website.

Chargeback Management System

Chargeback is one of those reasons you should believe in a high-risk PSP. This gateway has the support of a chargeback management system. This system alerts the PSP every time a claim charges on merchants.

We check the claim thoroughly to get a rough idea that the claim is valid or just being made on impulse. If the claim seems valid the amount gets transferred into the claimants’ account in the chargeback period. Otherwise, after getting the evidence of a false claim from merchants the claim gets nullified.

Bank Cascading

This payment gateway has the feature of bank cascading. Many times it happens that the customer generates a bill and it fails. For that, this feature will help them. Even if one bank doesn’t transact the payment another one will do it in time. So you won’t face payment-related issues such as payment stop, stuck, and failure.

Real-Time Reporting System

To have a clear and systematic record you need to maintain it wisely. This gateway has the support of a real-time reporting system. It alerts the merchants for every transaction. Also, it alerts the merchants of every issue that happens on the payment processing system.

So, you’ll be able to resolve the issue on time. Also, this system records all the transactions records clearly, and systematically.

3D Secure Payments

During any online payment, you also need to think about data security. This payment gateway has the security of 3D secure payments. Also, this gateway has the support of tokenization, and P2P security.

These three features will ensure your data is safe with the best data security ever. With these features, you can provide a sense of security to your consumers online.

Credit Card Processing | Benefits | Why us?

With the credit card processing facility, you’ll open many opportunities for your brand to shine in the international market. This will help you to join other businesses, and connect to millions of new users of your products.

If you ask, why join us, and then we’ll say, for a decade we’ve been serving lots of high-risk merchants with our services. And with our guidance, they made many achievements. If you want to make those achievements for you too, then contact us.

With us, it won’t be impossible to get the best credit card processing for small businesses like yours. Businesses such as yours only need the support of experienced ones like us. Drop a mail and get your solution faster.



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