Tobacco Merchant Account Can Give You Better Result

Nicotine products are injurious to health but sales will not decrease for any reason. But why do these merchants need a specially customized Tobacco Merchant account. After the pandemic, smokers are also avoiding untrustworthy brands for their health reasons. So what made you a trader in the high risk category?

The reason is simple you are an offshore trader selling your products from an online website and which is available for the country or region you have selected. Hence, your regular customers will have no trouble making purchases from your website as they already know about your product quality and services.

But doing business in unknown areas can be troublesome for you. Don’t worries Highrisk Gateways provides you the best solution for your services. We provide a Tobacco Merchant Account and it provides you with the best payment services.

Businesses like yours do not have the strong support of banks, so you may not have the vital resources that are needed to keep your business running smoothly in every situation.

Tobacco Merchant Account

The effect of the products of those merchants is like wildfire, which you cannot even imagine. Sometimes smokers smoke 10-15 cigarettes a day, but people addicted to it even more so. To manage your website activities you need to have a powerful customized merchant account that can handle your day to day operations.

This Tobacco Merchant Account is supported by super-fast payment processing software. With this the merchant account is able to accept your online payment in the currency of your choice and your customers can pay you in their native currency just like you.

Some of the facilities are written down below’

Globally Accessible

You can now access your entire website and your High-Risk merchant account in one goes with your merchant ID and password. You can always stay connected with your transaction record at any time.

Multiple Payment Options

Your customers can now pay with any mode of payment that is available to them. Such as UPI, PayPal, E-checks, and Debit cards. This will help them in online shopping.

Approvals from Financial Institutions

Banks will be satisfied with your services if you can prove to them that you can reduce the chances of chargeback’s, and the processor associated with this merchant account integrates quickly with your website to give you faster transaction speed.

The Amount Will Not Affect Your Services

This account uses a large-value payment service to perform multiple transactions at a time, and gives you access to high-value transactions.

Anytime Live Reporting

If you wish to view real-time transaction processing details, you can obviously do so as there is a 24-hour live reporting system with this merchant account at your service.

Support from Acquiring Banks

You don’t need to worry about payment stuck or anything like that, as this account is linked to multiple foreign acquiring banks, so you never need to depend on one financial institution won’t happen.

Customer Support

Our customer support is always ready to assist you at any time and you can ask them about any problem you may have while using any of the facilities.

Faster Check-in

Now your customers will be able to check-in faster and continue shopping. This account provides them the facility of “Global Card Saving” and then they will just fill in their card details once and it is done. Now they don’t need to fill any unnecessary authorization or anything else.

Credit Card Support

This merchant account can easily accept credit card payments and transact them in less than a day. Wouldn’t it be amazing to provide your customers with a hassle free shopping experience?

Full Proof Security

This Merchant Account is fully protected by the 3D security of the processor to which this Merchant Account is linked. It detects any suspicious activity and notifies you at the earliest to keep your website safe from any harm from online threats.

International Support

There are many other online merchants just like you ready to collaborate and support each other. The better services you provide, the more you will get support from other business organizations.


If you want to provide a safe and hassle free experience to your customers, we can help you. Visit and get the best deals ever. To learn more about our work, you can read about it in our blog section or visit us directly.

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