“2022 is the beginning of a new era of business”

Best high-risk merchant processors you said! Who are they? And why did we spit this name out? You have the right question. And we’re going to answer this. Let’s start.


When businessmen were doing offline businesses they didn’t have to worry about too many things. At least they were focused on their work more than the doubts that what would happen to their business if they got cheated online.

The evolution of things may change circumstances for the better, but it also creates some difficulties to deal with. Just like that, it also happened to our businesses. When we were doing business offline, we never thought that someday we would face online fraud.

But as we now see things happening, we can’t ignore this fact. Also, after upgrading to online platforms we got some perks under us. First, we can target a big community of audience. Second, we can learn new things. Third, we can earn money online and transfer it digitally.


Being online means you can exist digitally literally everywhere without even moving from one place to another. Amazing, right? Totally! Why wouldn’t it? Digital media provided us with several things. First of all, we got the chance to attend to every one of our consumers at one time in one place.

Secondary no more needed extra space for storing stocks. We can see progress and degrading level Live. And can use new technology to provide convenience to our clients. And when we started accepting money online, problems started emerging one by one.

Now, it’s time to flash one of the important things left out of ignorance. First, to run such businesses need merchant services. And that is possible if you have a good relationship with the local banks. Second, chargeback would become your daily life issue.

Third, you’ll eventually come under the radar of online fraudsters because of card payments. To deal with such issues, you need the help of an expert.


The expert we are talking about is a high-risk merchant processor. This party has several names such as payfac, payment service provider, and merchant service provider. The major reason you need to contact this party is that you won’t get merchant services from local banks if you’re a high-risk merchant.

High-risk merchants are those merchants whose business mostly attracts high-risk factors towards it. Some of those risk factors are chargeback, online fraud, payment failure. If your business is online and has such issues, unfortunately, you’re a high-risk businessman.

When you become one of the high-risk merchants, collaboration with local banks for merchant services will become hard. And as we told you, you’ll approach a high-risk merchant processor. Let’s take PSP for better discussion.

A PSP is that party that takes the responsibility to provide merchant services to the merchants after they get rejected by banks. And they have the support of reliable banks which will make it possible for you to get merchant services easily.

Now, even if you know that PSPs can help you with this thing, you can’t just go and run into any PSP you see first. Every PSP has some set of rules and principles. If you could make it possible to fit in their conditions they’ll provide you with every possible help. And if you don’t then you won’t.


Spending your money wisely on something like this should be done after deep thinking because once you are in then there’s no way back. Not every PSP will call you fine. Some of them work with low-risk businesses.

And some of them may not take an interest in you. But for you, we are introducing one of the Best high-risk merchant processors. And that is HighRisk Gateways. HighRisk Gateways has been serving high-risk merchants since 2012.

And we’re providing them with many beneficial offers and services. We’re not only a service provider. But with our services, you’ll get our expert guidance too to cover your previous losses with future profits.  Let’s see what you’ll get after collaborating with us.


As we already told you that chargeback is one of the reasons that you do get rejected by local banks for merchant services. So, you won’t have to worry about chargeback anymore. It’s impossible to completely make the chargeback go extinct. But you can reduce their rates.

With our services, you get the support of a chargeback management team that will make sure that you don’t get charged for false claims. And help you to know how to manage your chargeback rates by applying some activities to your daily operations.


Online frauds are also one of the reasons for the rejection. To reduce this you can rely on our merchant solutions. It’s just because our merchant solutions include fraud prevention tools. They act on every transaction, to ensure that none of the fraudulent transactions may pass the processing system.

Many fraudsters try to make money out of innocent people online. Don’t know why? But somehow they get the card details of the user and start using their money instantly. We want to say, that with us you don’t need to worry about such things.


First of our merchants’ services that we’ll provide you is a high-risk payment gateway. This is customized payment processing software specially customized according to high-risk businesses.

It has several features to provide convenience to online consumers while shopping from their websites. With the help of this, they’ll get several benefits at one time.


One of our merchant services is a high-risk merchant account. This merchant account is provided to high-risk merchants so they can receive online payments with ease. Several features of this merchant account help merchants to get payments in several ways.

Also, this account ensures the safety of merchants’ data or transaction details. If you need a reliable merchant service then you can rely on this merchant account. This merchant account has the support of a high-risk payment processor.


HighRisk Gateways has the level 1 certification of PCI DSS. PCI DSS is supposed to provide this certificate to those companies that have better security standards in every aspect. We ensure that our clients and their consumers must feel safe while buying or selling products.


We got the support of several foreign acquiring banks, so you won’t face any problem while applying for merchant services via us. Acquiring banks plays an important role in credit card processing. You’d be glad that we’ll provide your consumers with the best online shopping experience.



Forex trading involves high transaction rates. Maybe you know that while doing this business with forex you need some of the things to be in your favor. Those things are time, market fluctuation, luck, and speed.

You can’t control time, luck, or market fluctuation. But with our merchant solutions, you can control the transaction speed and save time.


Online gaming is a very popular business, and there’s a lot of opportunity for you. But while handling millions of online players you forget about their countries. As they are playing from different countries, they may ask for different options to pay for the item they purchase from the in-game store.

For that, our merchant solution provides several payment options (APM) to worldwide players.


Online casinos are surely amazing platforms full of various sports to play. Payment failure is one of the problems for this business sector. As you know that these sites welcome everyone to play as per will, the amount of bids sometimes reaches too high.

That much load sometimes becomes high for the local merchant solutions. But with our solutions, you get the backing of a high-risk payment processor to transact high-volume payments.


A chargeback may sometimes arise for pettier reasons, just like no timely refunds. Sometime, in tobacco business you’re not in the position to deliver to a certain place and need to refund. But due to not doing it in time charges you hard.

Easy refund is one of the features of our merchant solutions. With that, you’d be able to safeguard yourself from an unwanted chargeback.


Working in the adult industry is surely a risky place to work for your identity and money. Data security becomes a liability for you when you start to work in such a place. For data security one of our merchant solutions’ features is tokenization along with P2P encryption.

Tokenization turns sensitive data into insensitive data. And P2P encryption helps in encrypting transaction details.


Card payments are popular in eCommerce websites globally. To provide you an upper hand over credit card processing our merchant solutions has the support of several acquiring banks. It means, now there won’t be any payment failures in the future.


HighRisk Gateways is working in the international market for a long time. And we have many strategies to help you out with payment processing issues. For our other services, you can read our blogs in our blog sectors. Our experts will help you out to carry operations with ease. For more info drop a mail.



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