An Overview of Bitcoin Merchant Account

If we speak about the Bitcoin Merchant Account, then it can be explained as one of the exciting technology which conveniently is going to help with offering an excellent wallet service based on debit and credit cards. This is guiding the best through the small business owner. This is going to help the merchants accepting it as a payment for goods and services. The business is getting operated with regular business with selling goods or services on the basis of regular national currency.

We at HighRisk Gateways are providing excellent legally authorized sources for currency payments from any sources possible. We also manage both local and international business. Our Bitcoin Merchant Account is a payment portal which is being monitored with our experts from various sources. Through this, we are making the payment acceptance easy with generating the use of hardware terminals for customers. Then after, we are also providing with an advanced system with simple wallet addresses through QR codes. Our dedicated application is also accessible from a smartphone or any communication device.

Benefits of bitcoin merchant account

Bitcoin merchant account is offering with the merchant account relatively managing the payment processing history. This is going to a minimum six month of payment processing statement showing chargeback’s, refunds as well as returns and total sales. Even we are going to require with a six month of business banking statement which would generate the process and service within 10 business days or a maximum of 2 weeks.

Our services relating to a merchant account is quite faster and is going to get its approval within 24–48 hours. We assure with an excellent service that would be preferred by the business to proceed in every way. Our staffs would guide every customer in the best possible manner. We at HighRisk Gateways are going to serve with perfect consultation relating to the merchant account and help the merchants select the best ones. This within some time is going to provide the merchant account with a payment gateway offered by approved banks.

How to get payouts?

HighRisk Gateways offering the merchants the choices of payouts in their own familiar currency. Now we are providing with prospective merchant services and solutions for our customers. For this, they need to provide with necessary documents of KYC as it is going to get attached to the merchant account. Once the application gets approved the merchants are going to receive the payouts from the source of Bitcoin Merchant Account.

The merchant benefit provided with an easy, person to person transfer with no credit and debit card or PIN usage. Convenient storage on system or device. There is also a system for traceable transactions which help with deter fraud.


The process of setting up a bitcoin merchant account is quite easy and effectively generated through our system. Apply Now for bitcoin merchant account and get quick approval ar very low cost.