Credit terminals are used to perform business transactions such as the purchase of goods and payment for services. Consumers regularly use bank debit cards or credit cards to pay for these items. These payment methods are fast, secure, and reliable. Businesses provide this payment ability to their customers as a way to offer superior service and purchasing convenience. Terminals may be set up at physical locations for card processing and have been proven to increase business sales. Customers often walk into a business with very little cash but always have a card for payment. If a business does not have a method for accepting these payments, the customer will be unable to make the payment. This is a direct loss for a company. Many businesses are realizing the importance of credit transaction processing and the benefits of merchant services. Transaction handling providers take care of the authorization, settlement, and deposit of credit funds for purchases. They provide the terminals necessary to run each customer card for authorization. Once the request has been sent, the provider performs all other processing steps.

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