High Risk Merchant Account for Collection Agency

Collecting your money back is not an easy task for anyone. The people who take loan sometimes fail to repay the loan on time. Getting them to repay the loan is a challenging task. The task of getting back the money from anyone is not considered safe. HighRisk Gateways offer great Collection Agency Merchant Account.

Debt Collectors or the collection money agency are hired to collect money from the people. These agencies collect debts owned by individuals or business. Most agencies operate as the agent of creditor and collect a debt by charging a fee. There are three types of collection agency. First party agency is the subsidiary of the original company to which the debt is owed. Third party agencies are the company who charges a fee to collect the debt. Last are the Debt buyers who purchase the debt at some percentage of the value of debt. Different countries have different rules and regulations for the debt collection business.

Banks and underwriter consider these money agency companies a high-risk business. The rate of chargebacks is also very high. It needs lots of time, risk and effort to collect any payment. Many debts collecting agencies are running this business online for the expansion.

Save your money with the Collection Agency Merchant Account!

Highrisk Gateways is specialized in providing the merchant accounts to the high risk collection agency. We are the world leader in high risk merchant accounts services. We have worked with hundreds of collections agency whether a small size or a big size. We provide a safe and secure payment processing solution to grow their business online. We understand the collection of debts is very tricky and a risky task. We provide the simple and user-friendly solution to your website to receive the international and domestic payments safely. Our solution reduces the rate of chargebacks.

How to get a Collection Agency Merchant Account?

You just need to fill the online query form or you can email us at support@highriskgateways.in. We offer many merchant account solutions for collection agency like offshore, domestic merchant accounts, for start-up merchant accounts and much more. We also provide custom merchant accounts for the specific need of a client.

The general procedure to apply has following steps:
Step 1: Submit the documents like Application Form, Identification Proof, Business Letter and Bank Statement.
Step 2: Wait for 24 hours to get your documents verified.
Step 3: After the verification, it will take few hours to get your website live with the payment gateway.
Step 4: Now you will receive quick payments in multiple currencies through various payment options.

We understand the need of a successful online business and we strive to provide the solution that helps grow your business. We are different because we provide recurring payment option to the end customer. Our solution supports all the devices like personal computer or mobile or iPad. With us, you can get the security system with no extra cost. We provide virtual set up at the lowest cost. We are the best in serving the merchants account solutions.