Feature of HighRisk Gateways Merchant Account Services

HighRisk Gateways always care for our merchant’s business as our business. We think and act like you business partner’s by serving high risk credit card processing and eCheck/ACH processing. Opening a merchant account with HighRisk Gateways is not extremely tedious task for any high risk merchant’s. To start accepting credit cards or echeck processing with you need to apply for a merchant account with us – its not a lengthy process, especially for new merchants or startups. You will also need to team up with a payment gateway that interfaces with your merchant account for credit card processing.
The fear of identity theft is a something nearly every consumer is concerned now days. The best merchant account and credit card processing services have several ways to find off fraud—from data encryption to many security authentication features.
We can setup your account with 3d Secure option, which will allow you to accept Maestro Card on your website with Best security to prevent transaction Fraud.
Unlike other provider, you would be able to see your transaction in our backend in real time. We have everything clear with our back-end interface.
We are a company that offers the merchant services and offer the secure data processing solution. Your Details will never go public.
Don’t Worry less about security with HighRisk Gateways, we have various fraud rules applied to every transaction, making it the highest level of protection in the industry.
Choose from 3 customizable checkout options, and integrate with diffrent shopping carts—no coding required, unless you want to View important metrics like previous transactions, your payouts and generate customized reports, Refund transactions from the dashboard at the click of a button.
Accept major payment methods with our merchant solution including credit cards, debit cards, eCheck, ACH and Direct Debit.