What is the Consultation Charges @HighRisk Gateways?

With HighRisk Gateways you will get a complete relaxation to choose the best payment solution among the solution been provided by different PSP.
HighRisk Gateways consultation charges start from USD 299 – USD 2000 depends on the risk factor of the file. This fee is making your work unique and with a complete responsibility. Without charging a fee HighRisk Gateways expect a big traffic which needs lots of manpower and attention, however, it is too hard to through the junk data from the traffic.
The merchant who are in a real need of payment gateway will never deny paying USD 299. Where we will do the complete profiling of the merchant. We will make their file ready and will also send to the bank/PSP. Meanwhile, they will also assist you to make your website compliance, based on their prior experience.
There are lots of things which usually reviewed by the bank risk team while approving merchant account.
This fee might be charged upfront or upon the receipt of the agreement however always before the gateway goes live. HighRisk Gateways will also assist you in the integration of your merchant account at your own cost. This fee is only refundable if your gateway does not get approved.
HighRisk Gateways will not refund the fee at any cost if the gateway got approved and become live.
Email us support@highriskgateways.in for any clarification.