HighRisk Gateways has globally presented itself to be the most well known payment processing solution service provider. We are well known for solving several problems in domestic as well as international market too. We are known to assist high risk merchants who are dealing daily into high risk industries. Even though you have a bad credit status we take care of you! To get the best secured online payment processing systems quickly approved, join HighRisk Gateways! Stop worrying and hurry to avail the best Credit Card Merchant Account!

Why HighRisk Gateways For Credit Card Merchant Account?

We assist in high volume transactions with secured payment gateways & we ensure you face lesser chargeback’s. We take care of the Credit Card Merchant Account and make an accumulated report and update you well about each and every thing. Ones the merchant have Internal Credit Card Merchant Account with us, we provide better banking partners & processors to them who provide better settlement services.

When it comes to receiving money or processing the payment, we do it in better speed and complete the task efficiently! We have the best payment integration systems in which we assure that you have secured, reliable transaction which is hassle free. What shall be your bountiful benefits with us:

  • We protect our gateways from fraudulent activities and secure business with the help of PCI, DSS & API Protocols.
  • We help you to get the facility of e-check through which you know daily what shall be your profit, loss or payments etc.
  • We have no hidden policies or charges.
  • We reduce the Credit Card Merchant Account fees and cancelation fees.
  • We have kept the processors quiet user friendly!

What shall be the fees that you need to pay for Credit Card Merchant Account?

  1. Application fees
  2. Set Up or Transaction fees
  3. Minimal chargeback fees
  4. Underwriting charges & Refund charges
  5. Monthly banking statements
  6. Nominal fees.

We provide best possible help to bad scorers & high risk merchants as they perform not that good, being in the high risk industry. We process high volume amounts speedily & efficiently without any hassle, which helps company grow well. We provide daily 24hour customer care service to our customers who face any kind of payment receiving issues.

We provide better payment gateways to our customers by joining them to our trusted banking institutions who understand the urgency and risky industry that you deal in. We provide secured payment gateways where we help you accept payment in credit, debit card etc and other payment modes too.

By providing you whole day and night service, we see to it that we minimize your loss, inconvenience and increase your profitability! We provide 100% speedy Credit Card Merchant Account payment processing and we keep developing efficient reliable payment solutions.