Secure and Reliable E-Cigarettes Merchant Account

E-Cigarettes Merchant AccountThe e-cigarettes industry is developing gradually. E-cigarette technology is relatively new and their regulatory laws under which they can run an online business. If you are running an e-cigarettes website, you need a reliable payment gateway for the debit card, credit card, and online payments. To receive the payments online you need an E-Cigarettes merchant account. It helps in many ways like:

  • Accept online payments easily.
  • Increase sales and revenue.
  • Convenient to the customer.
  • Low chargebacks.
  • Better management of cash flows.

Since last few years, major banks are accepting the e-cigarette companies. Now it has become easy to work in this industry because increasing awareness and demand.

E-Cigarette merchant accounts are considered high risk:

The banks manage and consider many facts while approving the payments for these high-risk industries. The government has introduced strict rule and regulation that has affected the new and old E-Cigarette companies. Some countries have also banned the sale of E cigars while other companies have the strict rule to sell these products. There is tobacco tax charged on such products, due to this E-Cigarette is considered of high risk. At HighRisk Gateways, we promise to give you a simple solution for all the problems. You just need to fill the application with the documents, leave rest part on us.

HighRisk Gateways is here to help you for E-Cigarette Merchant Account

E-cigarettes and vaporizers are getting very common. The increasing demand has open doors for merchants to increase their revenue and sales. The earlier bank was hesitant in approving the merchant account. But at Highrisk Gateways, merchant account for E-Cigarettes is easily approved. We are ready to take challenges on your behalf. We can work together to achieve your business goals. Our team has given merchant account solutions to more than thousands of clients. We know all the loopholes of this industry.

The merchant account will be custom based for you. You can share your specific online need for eg in which countries you will sell, your expected revenue, payment methods, personalized payment gateway etc. We will create a custom solution for all your specific need. Few documents like application, identification proof, bank statement and business documents are required for the approval of Merchant account. Your account will be approved within 2-3 working days and after that, you can get an online presence in a few hours.

We help you in many ways

  • Experienced technical team efforts
  • Customer support 24/7
  • Speedy transactions with quick approvals.
  • Prevent chargebacks and frauds.
  • Offshore management of Transaction
  • Provide real-time reports
  • We are partners with major domestic and international banks.

How we communicate with new trends?

In the last year 2016, Food and Drug Association has imposed new norms on the age limits, registration and on another process of E-cigarettes. So, we are updated with all the new trends and regulations in this industry. We guide and update our customer with the notifications. From time to time an assigned manager will share new updates.