eBook Selling Merchant Account Services

At Highrisk Gateways, we provide the ebook selling merchant account and payment gateway solutions. We provide these solutions to the companies who will set up e-book business or who are willing to replace the merchant account.

E-books are the electronic version of the printed books. They come in digital form. It contains images and text and is readable from any device. The companies charge a fee to download or view the e-book. The eBook readers tend to read books digitally on the computer, laptop, mobile or any other device.

This way people save lots of time and get ample knowledge in just one click. Many schools and institutes are having e-book portal and e-book solution to increase the knowledge of the students. We all are in the go green environment that uses less paper. Many online companies are setting up e-book business online. These companies are earning enormous profits but they are likely to fail due to bad merchant account services including chargebacks and frauds.

Why HighRisk Gateways for ebook Merchant Account?

If you have decided that you can open the merchant account my own, you will need to have a secure server and shopping cart plugin. Instead of going to the different party for the specific solution, it is better to set up the merchant account with the company who can cater all the need of merchant. We can provide a one-stop solution to you for all the merchant account related services. We have a secure payment gateway and a shopping cart system that provides the details of the order and the cost.

Let us work with you through our USP

Experienced Team- We have built a good team to cater all the specific need for the merchant account. Our team will be there 24/7 to support you. We have a specialized team for different services. We have the technical team to deal with the integration of software. We have finance team to deal with merchant account set up. All staff are friendly and support in going your business in all ways.

Speedy sign-ups- Our application process takes around 2-3 days to set up the merchant account. You just have to fill the online inquiry form along with the list of documents and leave rest on us. We will find the sponsor banks with your requirements. Your website will go live with payment gateway and other complementary solutions in a few days.
Our services are unlimited

Merchant account for domestic and offshore expansion. Immediate payment through an e-check system. We prevent chargeback ratios. Chargebacks happen when customer have some dispute with the bank. The merchant in 50 percent of cases is not known about the dispute so they are unable to protect them from the chargebacks. We have ACH processing for faster funding on the checks. It is the electronic check processing. We have secured payment processing of credit cards from all over the world. What are you waiting for? Get your ebook merchant account today at affordable prices.