eCheck Payment GatewayHighRisk Gateways is a trusted eCheck Payment Gateway provider based in India. eCheck gives you the flexibility to accept Check payments securely from your customers with greater speed of traditional check. You can accept online Virtual Checks through a secure web portal or integrate the system into a shopping cart with our API. Our eCheck Payment Processing solution bundle all of your transactions into a single batch file for secure transmission.

Your business may be a high risk and high volume or the one for which you have acquired a bad credit from the bank. However, we can get you up for the eCheck services. Most of the eCheck Payment Gateway service providers do not provide the solution to high-risk business like tech support, pharma, adult etc. We approve merchant account for eCheck processing regardless of credit history. Owing to the importance of accountability, we approve merchant accounts within a week and fast setup once approved. You don’t lose your sale because of eCheck solutions, Apply Now for faster setup.

Benefits of eCheck Payment Processing:

  • Accept eCheck with maximum convenience and speed from your customers
  • Deposit checks directly into your business bank account
  • Refund payment from the portal
  • Eliminate the time and labor expenses of making trips to the bank
  • Assistance with API integration available upon request
  • Enjoy more control over the process and protect your earning

eCheck Payment Gateway for Indian Companies – Easy Payments by E-Check

  • Payout cycle weekly on Friday
  • Merchant Discount Rate 10% for Offshore
  • No Setup Fee
  • No Monthly Fee
  • Dedicated Merchant Account with Own descriptor
  • No hidden Policies
  • VT/API both allotted
  • Quick Integrations



Discount Rate08%-12%
One Time Setup Fee$0
Monthly Maintenance Fee$0
Transaction Cost$2 – $5
Refund Fee$10-$20
Return Fee$35-$45
Wire Fee$50-$75
Rolling Reserve10% (for 6 months)
Payment PeriodWeekly on following Friday




Gateway FeeFree
Inactive FeeFree
Recurring Billing FeeFree
Statement FeeFree
Cancellation FeeFree


eCheck Payment Gateway For USA Companies

• Easy Payments by E-Check
• Daily Payout
• Rate start from 3% to 7% depending on the processing statement
• Nominal setup fee
• Nominal Monthly Fee
• A dedicated merchant account with own descriptor
• No hidden policies
• VT/API both allotted
• Quick integrations

Please Note:
*We can’t provide the eCheck Payment Gateway for the Individuals, We need company incorporation, firm registration, Partnership deed along with the details of all principle for a live gateway.
**Consultation fee will be applicable apart from the fee mentioned above.
***Our policies are very simple and user-friendly that does not involve any hidden policies.

Contact us today for our eCheck services by emailing us on or Do not hesitate to call us on 011-39595940 for further information.