eCheck Payment Gateway

A reliable service provider to offer flexible solutions to your payment

HighRisk Gateways is a reliable eCheck Payment Processing service provider offering flexibility to accept check payments in a secure manner from customers. eCheck works in a faster manner as compared to traditional checks. You can consider Virtual Checks online with the aid of a secure website portal or incorporate the system into a shopping cart with our API. Our eCheck Payment Processing solution rolls all your transaction process into a single bunch folder for fortifying your transmission.

Your business may be a high risk and high volume or the one for which you have acquired a bad credit from the bank. However, we can get you up for the eCheck services. Most of the eCheck Payment Gateway service providers do not provide the solution to high-risk business like tech support, pharma, adult etc. We approve merchant account for eCheck processing regardless of credit history. Owing to the importance of accountability, we approve merchant accounts within a week and fast setup once approved. You don’t lose your sale because of eCheck solutions.

Benefits of eCheck Payment Processing:

  • Accept eCheck with maximum convenience and speed from your customers
  • Deposit checks directly into your business bank account
  • Refund payment from the portal
  • Eliminate the time and labor expenses of making trips to the bank
  • Assistance with API integration available upon request
  • Enjoy more control over the process and protect your earning

eCheck Payment Processing for Indian Companies – Easy Payments by E-Check

  • Payout cycle weekly on Friday
  • Merchant Discount Rate 10% for Offshore
  • No Setup Fee
  • No Monthly Fee
  • Dedicated Merchant Account with Own descriptor
  • No hidden Policies
  • VT/API both allotted
  • Quick Integrations



Discount Rate 08%-12%
One Time Setup Fee $0
Monthly Maintenance Fee $0
Transaction Cost $2 – $5
Refund Fee $10-$20
Return Fee $35-$45
Wire Fee $50-$75
Rolling Reserve 10% (for 6 months)
Payment Period Weekly on following Friday




Gateway Fee Free
Inactive Fee Free
Recurring Billing Fee Free
Statement Fee Free
Cancellation Fee Free


eCheck Payment Processing For USA Companies

• Easy Payments by E-Check
• Daily Payout
• Rate start from 3% to 7% depending on the processing statement
• Nominal setup fee
• Nominal Monthly Fee
• A dedicated merchant account with own descriptor
• No hidden policies
• VT/API both allotted
• Quick integrations

eCheck Payment Processing aids your business to run smoothly

Please Note:
*We can’t provide the eCheck Payment Processing for the Individuals, We need company incorporation, firm registration, Partnership deed along with the details of all principle for a live gateway.
**Consultation fee will be applicable apart from the fee mentioned above.
***Our policies are very simple and user-friendly that does not involve any hidden policies.

Contact us today for our eCheck services by emailing us on or Do not hesitate to call us on 011-40845151 for further information.