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Increase your business through eCheck Processing

HighRisk Gateways offer you eCheck Processing solution to merchants to increase the transaction process. Businesses nowadays want to manage the transaction and thereby look for a suitable service provider that can assist them. In this case, they firstly go for domestic banks but due to rigid rules and long processes, they prefer to go for a financial payment processor. HighRisk Gateways with his perfection allows merchants from all over the globe to get flawless dealings with no interruption. With eChecks, you can advance your business to the next level. Whether you are seeking national or international customers, there is an enhancement in business.

What do you understand by eCheck Processing?

The eCheck Processing is an online payment where cash is withdrawn electronically from the payer’s account and then transported over the ACH system and placed into the payee’s checking account. With this process, a company can withdraw payments for stuff or service straight from its purchaser’s bank account. The amount must be approved by the client, either through signed agreement, receipt of a website’s “Terms and Policies” or a verified voice tête-à-tête.

Aspects of eCheck Processing

  • Move ahead with eCheck Processing for speedy business

The electronic checks are conducive for merchants offering speedy transaction if you are seeking instant pay-out. The payment is moved in a speedy manner from a customer’s account to the merchant’s account as everything is done electronically.

  • Suitable for merchants

The check procedure is more suitable for merchants and offers greater accessibility and reduces transportation prices and peril associated with it. There is an increase in sales when they begin accepting electronic checks as customers likely to have several alternatives.

  • Customers trust easily

The patrons also trust this kind of payment option as it is less risky. Screening measures such as the checking of account info as customers assess the bad database are enforced. This ensures less treachery.

  • eChecks assist in collecting payments in a timely manner

With eCheck Processing, you can collect pay-out in a timely manner. With electronic checks, you can get your payment from customers without any waiting.

Ways to process electronic checks

There are ways to process payment through electronic checks

  • You can request for approval

The business needs approval from the clients to go for a transaction. This is possible through online payment and signed or through a phone conversation.

  • A payment establishment

After approval is finalized, the industry inputs the payment info into the software processing online. If it is a recurring pay-out, this info also comprises info of the recurring timetable.

  • Confirm and submit

After the payment option is accessed into the software, the industry clicks Submit and there starts the ACH transaction procedure.

  • Payment approval and funds deposited

The amount is electronically withdrawn from the client’s bank account, the online software directs a pay-out receipt to the client, and it is deposited into the company’s bank account. Funds are normally deposited into the merchant’s bank account within 3 to 5 business days only after the ACH operation is started.

Prefer HighRisk Gateways for the eCheck Processing

If you are a merchant with an online business, you can go for HighRisk Gateways for the eCheck Processing.  HighRisk Gateways is the prominent service provider that can assist you to get a flawless transaction and offers services such as credit card processing, electronic checks, high-risk gateways, PCI-DSS solution, API integrated tool and many more. Thus, you can support your business with our solutions without any waiting.



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