We offer full service payment processing for your eCommerce Business

Every online payment is made either by credit card, net banking or debit card. This involves a complex process. When the customer makes payment online, the funds are transferred to a merchant account which merchant holds with a bank. Here the bank and the merchant has the responsibility and terms of condition for accepting the payments. The banks charge the fee from the customer and the merchant for allowing the online transaction.

Every e-commerce website should have an eCommerce merchant account to allow a customer to make payments in real time. What is merchant account? It is the license or agreement between a merchant and the bank for authorizing payment process. It can be done only with the payment gateway.

A payment gateway is a mechanism that sends the customer information from merchant account to the bank to further process the payment in exchange for some fee. For all this, you also need an SSL. It is secured socket layer which enables the encrypted and authenticated communication over the internet. It protects from the fraud on internet transactions. That is why you need a merchant account for an E-commerce business.

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Take advantage of our secure eCommerce Merchant Account

Nowadays, the shopping trends have been changed. People do shopping online through mobiles or personal computer. This change in trends has increased the demand for eCommerce platforms for safe transactions. We have the promising platform for all types of merchant accounts. We help to grow your business through our premium e commerce solutions. We have the team of professionals to give you the best solution as per your requirement.

We provide safe and secure reliable merchant account. We provide unified solutions for payment processing. We proud in providing reliable merchant account. We provide powerful web based payment solution for high risk merchants. Our solution allows you to manage transactions from real time reports of transactions. The World is transformed by the digitization.

Today people love to buy things online as they get products at the low price because it is the direct sale with no intermediary. We have based platforms for credit card processing which is very promising to boost the trust and confidence of the end customer. We are the best as we have years of experience in providing e-commerce merchant account.

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