Secure eCommerce Payment Gateway services

eCommerce is a growing sector that has almost taken over the shopping scenario of the world. And for an eCommerce business to feasibly expand its business, it needs a secure eCommerce Payment Gateway to process the online payments.

A high-risk business of eCommerce needs a secure, reliable, and flexible payment processing channel that can support the business to the fullest.

Features of an eCommerce Payment Gateway

The payment gateway that eCommerce needs have to be different from other payment gateways. HighRisk Gateways provide customizable payment gateway solutions for eCommerce business. Here are some of the features:

1 – Credit Card Processing:  –

a must-have feature for a payment gateway. Credit cards are still one of the most preferred modes of payment worldwide. Therefore, it is crucial to have a channel to process credit cards. Card payments are smooth and easy for a High-Risk Merchant Account such as yours.

2 – Shopping Cart Integration: –

HighRisk Gateways offer smooth integration of shopping cart with the payment processing channel. It allows you to use a third-party shopping cart and we can seamlessly integrate it with the payment gateway for a better consumer experience for your business.

3 – Global Card Saving : –

a must-have feature for a payment gateway. Global Card Saving allows consumers to save their card details for further transactions. As per the worldwide reports, it is suggested that a huge amount of consumers have left a product because they have to enter their card details again.

4 – Easy Checkout : –

no more redirections from a window. Easy checkout leads to a seamless checkout experience. In other words, only a single window to complete all the transactions.

5 – Security :-

PCI DSS Compliant payment gateway that keeps the data encryption if top grade. Our eCommerce Payment Gateway has the necessary SSL certifications to ensure the best-layered protection to business payments.

6 – Fraud Prevention and Chargeback Management :-

HighRisk Gateways have the add-one feature of fraud prevention and chargeback management to ensure that the fraudulent activities are stopped and the screening process of the chargebacks is guaranteed. High-Risk businesses such as eCommerce need protection and management for a better outcome.

7 – Powerful Dashboard :-

a powerful dashboard is a feature that enables a merchant to easily manage all the information. Be it the number of transactions or the monthly reports. Even the chargebacks can be smoothly taken into account. A single place to take all the reports into account.

Get the More Benefits from HighRisk Gateways Payment Processors

There is a huge list of benefits that are specially designed for high-risk merchant accounts. HighRisk Gateway has the benefits that are ready for the merchants to use.

1 – Global Reach :-

with features such as that you can easily reach a global audience. Multiple currencies and language support allow you to expand your business to many countries. Adding convenience to the consumers to pay and read in their local currency and language respectively.

2 – Complete Merchant Assistance :-

One call-back will clear all the queries that6 you have for a payment gateway. Moreover, HighRisk Gateways provide every merchant a personalized solution. A person holding an Online Gaming Merchant Account will need a different kind of payment gateway.

3 – More than one option to choose from :-

High-Risk Merchant Account holders are of different kinds. Therefore, a payment gateway cannot be rigid towards the processing. 3DS and Non-3DS payment gateway will allow you to choose according to your needs of the market. You need swiftness and security or you need quick transactions and heavy volumes of payment.

4 – Easy Integration :-

using APIs, Mobile SDKs and various plugins make a payment gateway easy to integrate with a website. Easy Integration depends on the payment service provider as not every one of the service providers uses APIs.

5 – Upfront Reports :-

steadfast reporting of the transactions is necessary. Hence, we at HighRisk Gateways are supporting instant invoices and reports for the payments. As soon as a consumer completes the payment they will be handed a copy of the report and invoice for the product or service.

Highrisk Gateways Provide the Complimentary Services to Businesses

The Customization options of HighRisk Gateways will always be an upper hand as compared to other PSPs. It helps a merchant to completely personalize the payment gateway according to their business needs. Your preference for the logo, content, text colour, etc. will help your business see better growth.

As we mentioned above, we use API for integration. It ensures that the payment gateway is up and running on your website at the least time. Moreover, the mobile SDKs can help you to integrate the payment gateway on the mobile apps as well. The plugins will enable the addition of other required features in it as well.

You can provide the consumers with the EMI option too. The multiple modes of payment as we have already told you can also integrate an EMI option for better convenience of payment.

Different security and flexibility features of our payment gateway will help your business to reach the zenith without worrying about the payments. It will be our duty from the day onwards. Assistance and support fore every merchant is a motto of our company.

An Affordable and Flexible Payment Solution

HighRisk Gateway solutions come at an affordable pricing range as per the profile review of the merchants. Though it is largely dependent on the risk factor and the value of the company, the promise of the best pricing still stands tall.

The second will be the flexibility of the payment gateway. As mentioned above our payment processing channel is customizable according to the needs of the merchant. eCommerce Payment Gateway services are uniquely designed and personally tailored for the needs of the eCommerce Merchants. Therefore, we provide consultations and assistance for the various plugins to add the required feature to the payment gateway.

What Now?

Now, you can ask for a call-back from us to start with the process of getting a payment gateway for your eCommerce business. If you are a High-Risk Merchant Account  holder then you can simply start with the payment gateway on boarding.

However, if you need a merchant account, we can also tend to it. We do provide offshore merchant accounts to the merchants in need. The complete consultation can start with just a mail or request for a call-back.
Credit Card Processing and Global Reach are now at just the tip of your finger. Take a step now for the future of your business.

Payment Gateway is the merchant service provided to an eCommerce service provider. It authorizes the payment for online business. The Payment Gateway is provided either by the bank or by the service provider like Highrisk Gateways.

How Payment Gateway work?

The Payment Gateway works in a complex manner. When you purchase online, place the order and submit the button for payment then you are redirected to a payment gateway page. The payment gateway performs many tasks. When you enter the credit card payment details then the information is sent to the merchant server via Secure Socket Layer, it is because of payment gateway the information get transferred.

The Payment Card Industry-Data Security Standard does not disclose the customer information to the merchant. The merchant forwards the transaction details to the payment gateway and the gateway converts the message and forwards to the credit card bank issuer. The bank confirms and makes the further payment through payment gateway processor. The whole process takes not more than 5 seconds. The actual payment merchant receives within two-three days by the payment gateway.

How we are different from other payment processors?

  • We have maximum payment options like Credit Cards, Net Banking, ATM cards, IMPS, Prepaid Cards, Bank EMI and much more.
  • Along with multiple payments options, we provide the multi-currency processing. We let your customer enjoy the convenience of paying in the home currency. We deliver localized buying experience to the end customer.
  • Our payment gateway has single check out page. It gives quick and simple checkout experience to the customer.
  • We have smart dynamic routing through which the payment performance constantly has high success rate.
  • We also provide mobile payment services. Our payment Gateway is suitable for Android, IOS or windows.

Complimentary services

Along with the payment gateway, we provide many complimentary services. You can customize the payment gateway page as per the look and feel of your website. You can select the information, content, payment options, logo, text color etc as per your preference.

Your website can go live with payment gateway services in 24 hours. Making real time transactions on your website in twenty-four hours. Our payment gateway requires minimum technical efforts with easy API integration.

We have multiple bank EMI options. Customers can make a high-value purchase and pay in easy instalments through our payment gateway. We have the feature like EMI on credit card.

Through our services, your customer will have complete peace of mind. To our business, information security is on priority. Our system protects your confidential information by Secure Socket Layer software.

Customer Support

We are happy to help anytime. We have world class infrastructure with the expert team. Our customer support is available 24/7. Also, we assign the relationship manager to each client to cater specific need.