Secure eCommerce Payment Gateway services

Payment Gateway is the merchant service provided to an eCommerce service provider. It authorizes the payment for online business. The Payment Gateway is provided either by the bank or by the service provider like Highrisk Gateways.

How Payment Gateway work?

The Payment Gateway works in a complex manner. When you purchase online, place the order and submit the button for payment then you are redirected to a payment gateway page. The payment gateway performs many tasks. When you enter the credit card payment details then the information is sent to the merchant server via Secure Socket Layer, it is because of payment gateway the information get transferred.

The Payment Card Industry-Data Security Standard does not disclose the customer information to the merchant. The merchant forwards the transaction details to the payment gateway and the gateway converts the message and forwards to the credit card bank issuer. The bank confirms and makes the further payment through payment gateway processor. The whole process takes not more than 5 seconds. The actual payment merchant receives within two-three days by the payment gateway.

How we are different from other payment processors?

  • We have maximum payment options like Credit Cards, Net Banking, ATM cards, IMPS, Prepaid Cards, Bank EMI and much more.
  • Along with multiple payments options, we provide the multi-currency processing. We let your customer enjoy the convenience of paying in the home currency. We deliver localized buying experience to the end customer.
  • Our payment gateway has single check out page. It gives quick and simple checkout experience to the customer.
  • We have smart dynamic routing through which the payment performance constantly has high success rate.
  • We also provide mobile payment services. Our payment Gateway is suitable for Android, IOS or windows.

Complimentary services

Along with the payment gateway, we provide many complimentary services. You can customize the payment gateway page as per the look and feel of your website. You can select the information, content, payment options, logo, text color etc as per your preference.

Your website can go live with payment gateway services in 24 hours. Making real time transactions on your website in twenty-four hours. Our payment gateway requires minimum technical efforts with easy API integration.

We have multiple bank EMI options. Customers can make a high-value purchase and pay in easy instalments through our payment gateway. We have the feature like EMI on credit card.

Through our services, your customer will have complete peace of mind. To our business, information security is on priority. Our system protects your confidential information by Secure Socket Layer software.

Customer Support

We are happy to help anytime. We have world class infrastructure with the expert team. Our customer support is available 24/7. Also, we assign the relationship manager to each client to cater specific need.