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Taking about Forex trade, we talk about the trading money or earning through a tuff and competitive trading process. This is going to attract people globally. Sometimes it becomes troublesome to the business owners with trading. But with this kind of Forex trading merchant account, the traders can easily process the countless online payment process. The merchant account with HighRisk Gateways is going to make the complete process easy and effective.

We are offering perfection to the Forex trader for processing the countries online payments that are made using credit cards on other instruments. This does includes a lot of ticket transactions which are going to make the business high risk business for certain acquiring banks. These are the ones which makes it really difficult.

We provide Forex trading merchant account that makes clear about the values of foreign and national accounts. We are generating the payment processing services for both international and nationalized companies. This is conveniently done with the software that is generated for the service accounts.

Why Forex Trading Merchant Account?

We at HighRisk Gateways relatively associate with the Forex trading merchant account. The proper way we work out with

  • Generating with live data monitoring which is helping to review trends as well as daily business fluctuations.
  • Presenting with single interface solutions which provides with the time and resources to focus on to core business.
  • The credit card process is considered as an alternative way of payment solutions designed to increase your conversion ratio.
  • Providing comprehensive risk management tools which are going to provide with a detection process for the fraud techniques to prevent frauds and scams.
  • We are providing with live real time panels which would serve with an easy product management on time.
  • The process is easily integrated with perfect protocol maintained for controlling and managing the financial process.

Need of Forex Trading Merchant Account

For those who are in need of stock brokerage, this is the right place. We are offering with a high quality service relating to the additional options. The solutions being offered might be considered under high risk, but we make it convenient in every aspect to establish the matter with our best payment processing services.

With this we provide with the ability to accept some of the payment for multiple currencies. This makes one able to accept the payments in a global manner including US dollars, pounds and Euros.

This is going to help with generating gateway integration. This is going to help with managing the best of financial situations through the way by acquiring bank for the business with linking to the web site.

Best Guide for a Forex Trading Merchant Account

This is a customized merchant account that is the best solution for all forex traders. This merchant account helps you easily accept or transact online card payments in just a few steps. Due to the current situation, many businesses are not performing well that directly affect the volatility in their revenue, hence financial institutions are not showing any interest in high-risk projects right now. You can get your own customized forex trading merchant account with respect to your business.

But as you know merchant services are essential for your business growth, so HRG is the best payment service provider for your day to day payment-related processes. This merchant account comes with all the merchant services you need to settle all the transactions. Continue reading to know more.

How Forex Trading Merchant Account Work?

This is a highly qualified merchant account specially customized for a high-risk trader and that is a forex trader. This merchant account works efficiently with a high-risk payment gateway. For that, all you need to do is apply for a high-risk payment gateway. Now, let’s continue on the topic. This high-risk merchant account works on a smart user interface that helps the user to get used to all the functionalities of this account. Apart from this, this facility also helps him to conduct his website functions perfectly. Now everyone can take part in trade hassle free with forex trading merchant account.

Many Options

Merchant accounts only manage key business processes, but one of the few features required by this type of business is payment acceptance capability. Therefore, this merchant account provides the facility to accept all kinds of currencies belonging to this world, and they will provide your customers with the option to pay their bills.

Alternative Payment Modes

For example, what if your customers want to pay for another payment option? For that we have enrolled the facility of alternate modes of payment with this merchant account, and some of them can be–UPI, NFT, Debit card, E-cheque, and many more, etc. Hence, you will not have any problem with the payment option.

Credit cards

If you’re concerned about the conversion rate, we’ve got a solution for that as well, with the facility to accept credit card payments. According to previous audits, we recognize credit cards as the most accepted payment method worldwide, so investors are more likely to invest in businesses that also offer credit card payments. You will be more likely to attract foreign investors if you accept credit card payments.

Let’s say you create financial stability, but what about technical strength? We are talking about your credit card processing.

Credit card processing

Most processors cannot provide the expected results while processing such transactions. But we are offering a high-risk payment gateway pairing with this forex merchant account. We specialize in both services, and this payment processor is robust enough to handle high-value transactions as well. About Credit Card Processing, this payment gateway can process your credit card transactions in less than a day with the support of the Card Association.

Global Card Saving

For faster check in, this forex merchant account offers Global card saving facility, with the help of which your customers will save their card directly on your website. And the next time they enter your website to trade, they will not need to repeat this activity again. This will provide them with faster check-in and you will get an even bigger network of people. This merchant account reduces the chances of multiple chargeback as a powerful payment processor backs it.

Multiple acquiring banks

We link this forex trader account to several foreign acquiring banks, which will reduce the chances of payment stuck, payment delay or payment failure.


For security reasons, this merchant account is backed by PCI DSS’s. This PCI DSS uses several methods to secure your transactions such as – firewall installation, and using antivirus software. Any website or application which is supported by PCI DSS is absolutely secure for the customers. That website keeps the data of the customers encrypted from the beginning so that that data is not tampered with in any way. This will give the merchant time to focus on his other customers.

Charges for a Forex Trading Merchant Account

Charges may vary depending on the rates of the acquiring banks and the file of the customer we will work with. No fixed amount has been underwritten. But for an estimate the rates can go up to 3-10% for every forex trader. If the turnover/month is above average, the rates may fluctuate according to the volume. The acquiring bank that is going to agree with you will decide the rates on its own. Rates can vary because of several factors such as – risk level, reliability, the volume of your company per month, the bank you appoint, and also chargeback rates.

How to get Forex trading merchant account?

The process to apply for this Forex trading merchant account is very simple, you can get it in few simple steps:-

  1. You can directly call our customer care toll-free number or you can drop a mail on our official mail given in the below section.
  2. As soon as we’d receive your mail, our Customer Executive will collect your important documents from you to verify your eligibility for this merchant account.
  3. This will include the following documents –
    – KYC/KBC.
    – Company registration.
    – Domain name.
    – Address proof of owner/utility is also acceptable.
    – Your three months conversion history with the previous payment service provider.
    – Our application form.
    – Memorandum of Association/ Memorandum of understanding.
    – Website must be live already.
    – Approval from AML (Anti-Money Laundering)
  4. After verification, we will do fraud analysis.
  5. We will also go through the Google research tool for security checks.
  6. We will go through an internal underwriting and search for the appropriate acquiring bank for your business module.
  7. The Acquiring bank will review your eligibility to be approved.
  8. You may also go under rectification.
  9. Banks will send us the mail which will include the result and the price fixed as per the rectification of that customer.
  10. The Client will receive a mail from which will contain the final pricing.
  11.  After that, the clients can take the final decision along with their Board of Directors, chairperson, CEO, General Directors and many other important officers.
  12. The bank will accept the request and process the next step.
  13. The acquiring bank, along with its experts, will help you set up the integration of your website with your forex trading trader account and provide you with the necessary merchant services.
  14. Our customer support will also help you understand the entire process.
  15. They will charge the fee after getting approval from the banks.

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