The worldwide development of online gaming has been downright exceptional. Whatever kind of gaming company you have, you need to have an online gaming merchant account. This will assist you with expanding player transformations and deals. Merchant accounts empower the shopper to interface with the payment platforms through the standard universal card types (Visa, MasterCard, and Amex et al), residential card types just as the consistently expanding number of elective payment techniques.

Online Gaming Merchant Account Solutions ensures the responsibility for having smooth and convenient payment transactions on behalf of the Online gaming merchants.  High-Risk business often requires a merchant account just to make sure that their business accompanies secure payment transactions which are beneficial for having higher growth in the business.

Online Gaming Merchants need the business account on account of having secured payment transactions and for better optimizing the business transactions occurring in favour of the merchant. Getting an efficient merchant account is significant to having reliable payment transactions. High Risk Gateways ensures that the merchants are having smooth and flexible business transactions that can enhance the growth of the business.

Other advantages of online gaming merchant accounts.

  • Develop your base by improving gamers’ understanding
  • Make it simpler and quicker to take payments
  • Work with an accomplice who comprehends the necessities of the business
  • Lessen your expenses, quicken development and improve players’ involvement in the right gaming merchant services.

At HighRisk Gateways we give custom-made merchant services which meet the demanding necessities of online gaming organizations.

Increase player numbers by disentangling payments 

Offer your players the payment strategies they know, use and trust around the world. You can offer the broadest scope of payment techniques through various elective payment solutions.

We offer a responsive payment experience that suits whatever gadget your clients are utilizing ensuring we assist you with expanding the pay potential from every player.

We additionally give multiple monetary forms, allowing you the chance to effectively grow into new markets and decrease money transformation rates.


We assemble our trader benefits around your interesting plan of action, regardless of whether it’s a single tick tokenization for quick, in-game payments, or repeating transactions for game memberships.

At HighRisk Gateways we offer the best online gaming merchant account. With the years of involvement with payment processing and online gaming. They can work with you to constantly calibrate your payment acknowledgment techniques and increment client transformation rates.

Particularly with online gaming numerous small transactions are created and can regularly be hit with a lot higher rate charge by the individual banks. Nonetheless, we know through our system which banks are offering the best current arrangements and can empower the dealer to get the absolute best market driving rates.

Lower costs 

Our worldwide system of numerous banks furnishes you with access to the most serious rates and guarantees you have versatility in the business, working across a wide range of gaining banks that would all be able to be put on our portal without the requirement for singular mixes, setting aside time and cash.

We can likewise assist with decreasing your remote trade introduction to additionally improve your benefit.

How Online Gaming Merchant Accounts can benefit your business?

Online Gaming Merchant Account has many advantages for Online gaming merchants as it fulfils the needs of the business and provides an efficient credit card processing solution to businesses. Since it is a high-risk business hence, it requires safe and flexible payment transactions for online customers. There is the various aspect of it that can help you with your business such as:-

  • Merchants are allowed to have multiple currency feature availability with which they can accept payments from an international customer. This feature would allow your business to have multiple currencies to get it into your account. It will eventually set a high volume of sales to the business.
  • It will allow your business to have an advanced gateway that is suitable and best marked to manage your business.
  •  Apart from that, your business is allowed to have a different mode of payment options on your website. This will allow customers to make payments with their own chosen credit or debit card. There is a wide range of cards that are currently available in the market such as Discover, UnionPay, American Express, Visa, Master etc. and customers are allowed to make a payment on the website through any one of those. Moreover, with certain adaptability customers are more likely to visit your website again.
  • Online Gaming Merchant Account Solutions you get a higher degree of protection and safety from thefts or frauds. Nowadays, data breaches are common problems that all users are experiencing. And to have a network that we all can trust for carrying away the critical information such as credit card numbers, Maiden Name, Pin etc. With a merchant account facility we get a safe and protective environment to get our business transactions done.
  • Each transaction is accompanied by a secured server to make sure that all the essential information such as Credit card Numbers, Phone Numbers, email IDS are kept safe and protected.

The above are the advantages of online gaming merchant accounts solutions, come to HRG and get the incredible services.

Online gaming has its own craze among players! There are a lot more things to explore in online gaming. Online gaming merchant accounts give you opportunity to accept the payments and expand your customer base. Just come to us to get the best online gaming merchant account services.

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