The E-commerce industry is soaring. 2019 was an excellent year for the e-commerce industry as its worldwide revenue amounted to more than 3.5 trillion USD and now predicted to hit up 6.53 trillion USD by the end of 2023. E-commerce gives a massive platform to the merchants to earn money with Global Payment Gateway.

Shoppers are keenly looking to purchase product and services worldwide. International merchant is eager to gain access to the robust e-commerce market.

Merchant involved in e-commerce industry throughout the world is using Global Payment Gateway to manage their transactions and accepting the maximum number of purchase orders. It makes merchants eligible to take the payment from the customers globally.

Any merchant can get the Global Payment Gateway service quickly. However, for a high-risk merchant, it becomes an issue to get an account, because traditional banks and financial institutes do not intend to provide service to a high-risk business module due to the high number of chargebacks and friendly frauds.

What is a High-Risk business?

High-Risk is a term acquiring banks use for the businesses which present a more significant loss of financial risk than a standard company. There are several reasons to consider a firm as high-risk.

The most common reason is a high number of chargebacks and a more significant number of fraudulent transactions due to the product, services, or Targeted market.

Merchants selling globally product and service are considered as high-risk merchants sometimes due to the product or services, they are delivering.

Get a comprehensive solution with High-Risk Payment Gateway.

The High-Risk Gateways is a payment processing service provider to the merchants. We give you a complete solution to manage your international payouts with our offshore merchant account. High-Risk Gateways integrates a Global Payment Gateway with your website.

High-Risk Gateways helps you with its secured payment gateways in several ways. It provides you with prevention from chargeback with the security tools and expert team. With Global Payment Gateway, you get the credit card processing service. It makes you eligible to provide credit and debit card payment option to your customers. High-Risk Gateways allows you to accept several card brands like Visa, Master Card, and others.

We monitor each transaction to avoid fraud transactions for your business. High-Risk Gateways also provides you with a responsive mobile interface, which helps you to with easy and smooth payment experience with any device.

There are many other advantages of Global Payment Gateway with High-Risk Gateways. Have a look in those.

Benefits with Global Payment Gateway

  • Extensive Bank network– High-Risk Gateway has a great network of acquired banks worldwide. It makes the approval rate high.
  • High volume processing– High-Risk Gateways does not put a cap in transaction volume. It allows you to manage the highest number of transaction in your portal.
  • Multiple Payment methods– We offer you numerous payment modes to complete your transactions. With High-Risk Gateways, you can accept payment via e-check, ACH, credit card, debit card, and others.
  • Fraud Protection– Security tools and verification process helps you in fighting with fraud transactions.
  • Real-time Reporting– With High-Risk Gateways, you can easily view, analyze, and download real-time transaction reports. We provide a single web page portal which has all the details related to banks, processors, and the customers.
  • Quick settlement– Our customer merchant account offers quick clearing and settlement service with flexibility.
  • Secure payment gateway– We offer you 3D and 2D secure payment gateway. You can opt either of services to make your transactions safe and smooth to provide a hassle-free experience to your customers.
  • Customer support– Get experts assistance with your merchant account when needed anytime.

We have stepped into an internet age where people want everything in just a click to deliver at their door-step as earliest possible. E-commerce has provided the platform to the merchants to fulfil people’s requirement and a platform to gain more profit for their business. The payment gateway has an essential role in online shopping. It made payment procedure more convenient for the buyers and sellers.

High-Risk Gateways is offering you International Payment Gateway with their offshore merchant account. It gives service to merchants to manage your global transactions conveniently. Global Payment Gateway provides you with a secure and risk-free portal to receive your payouts.

High-Risk Gateways delivers a secure transaction service to merchant across the globe. We have connections with the world’s leading banks and offer you a competitive rate and a low rate in the market.

To get more details regarding Global Payment Gateway, Contact our experts by filling an online form today.

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