Open Herbal Merchant Account & Give your Online Business a New Phase with HighRisk Gateways!

Herbal Merchant AccountHerbal industry is very crucial as well as the critical industry that’s why it fall under high-risk categories. Almost every processor reject the application of such high-risk merchants. Well, riskier we have good news for you! At HighRisk Gateways, we assist you with Herbal Merchant Account and give you the quickest approval while you apply with us!

As there are various scientific technologies that are used while designing various herbals medicines and creams and other things related to herbal industries. The risk is the sales, the allergies that may arise, and the causes that take place on people’s life. Even though you are a bad scorer we will help you overcome this cycle!

Also, sometimes many of the products are not certified by the FDA and are not clinically tested too, also there are many times claims that turn out to be false because of which the total market of that herbal product is affected! Also to attract multiple of customers towards the newly launched herbal product this costs high due to advertisements through television, newspapers, magazine, online social media etc.

Being a high-risk Herbal Merchant Account all these costs is invariable and need to be fulfilled. Even though you and your online industry are suffering we are here to take care of all the expenses that have been incurred.

How can you forward your application for Domestic & Offshore Herbal Merchant account?

Being in a high-risk industry needs a lot of security and reliable transactions to be carried out. Even any information leaked out can cause millions of loss to you! So being an online Herbal dealer lets know how can you get online and start up your online domestic & international Merchant account. The account opening basically depends not on where is your business set up i.e. domestic or offshore.

Most of the time it is observed that many Herbal Merchant Accounts open up the international account! The basic benefit you shall have after opening an account offshore is it will turn out to be easy for you to sell products offshore quickly! Applying account with us will help you broaden the market.

The various merchant accounts that we provide are International merchant account, Offshore Merchant account, Offshore Startup Merchant Account, Virtual Check solutions etc.

If you wish to open Offshore account/ Offshore Startup account, all you need is three months’ bank statements along with total sales. Approval for Offshore accounts will be received in 5-6 weeks.

If you wish to have a Domestic Herbal Merchant Account you need the application form signed & sealed, banking statements for 3 months, valid identification proof, and total sales. Approval for this account can be expected within 6-7 weeks.

If you want to open a Virtual check solution account, fill in the application form completely, valid proof with bank statement etc.