High Risk Merchant Account & High Risk Payment Gateway Solutions

High-Risk Merchant Account An Ingenious Solution For Businesses

The number of online shoppers has increased immensely with the increased use of the internet. The buyers and sellers no longer have any boundation; they can now trade globally with the rising internet users. Customers now, with a click, can go through hundreds of products available online.

Most merchants are bringing their business online after knowing the hidden opportunity available in the e-commerce industry. The extension in e-commerce has offered enormous profit to the merchants involved in the industry.

With snowballing e-commerce industry, merchants need an effective payment gateway that helps them collect their payments from customers worldwide. And High Risk Merchant Account is the best available solution for the businesses tagged as high-risk. It holds every feature that a business may require.

In a nutshell, with a Payment Gateway, you get the ability to process payment securely via various channels and methods from your customers.

Challenges you may have to face when applying for the merchant account service

Things don’t go that smooth when it comes to getting merchant account service for a business that has been tagged as high-risk. You may have to face many rejections from banks and financial institutes that could convince you to compromise with services or pay higher fees.

What if I tell you that there is another option available where you don’t need to compromise with services or security. Yes! High-Risk Payment Gateway is the solution for the businesses that fall under high-risk industries. It is a feature-packed solution with highly secured security standards.

Who necessitates a high-risk merchant account service?

Below is the list of the factors that deem a business as a high-risk one:

  • A business with a bad credit processing history.
  • A business, which has a past as a terminated merchant account. Simply means a business that has lost the past merchant account due to the high chargeback amount.
  • A business within an industry with a potentially high chargeback ratio.
  • A business is selling subscription-based products or services.
  • The business that deals in multiple currencies.
  • The company that offers products or services that result in increased transaction volume.
  • The international business or location of the company within a country with an increased risk of chargeback accrual.
  • Businesses which work remotely– out of Canada, the US, Australia, the European Union, Japan, South Korea, or Singapore.
  • A new comer or startups with low or no credit processing history.

I believe it is clear now that it is not necessarily essential to deal with gambling to be tagged as high-risk. Any subscription-based business will be considered high-risk, which means famous video on demand platforms refer to the high-risk payment processing. Besides that, many industries such as CBD, Tobacco, Casino, and Social Gaming automatically get the high-risk label.

Perks of High-Risk Merchant Account

Reduced risk of account termination: Unlike the standard account, a temporary rise in chargeback ratio or unexpected jump in transaction volume will not set you at the risk of account termination.

Encourage heightened chargeback and fraud protection: High-Risk Payment Gateway complies with a number of regulations and PCI compliance that protects you from chargebacks and potential frauds.

Easier access to international markets: Standard merchant account hesitates to trade with overseas payments and multiple currencies. High-risk processors are pretty comfortable with the global market.

Careful underwriting and initial setup: No matter whether you are a startup or replacing your terminated standard merchant account. HighRisk Gateways uses careful underwriting processes that are less likely to snap you later on.

Choose the suitable processor for your business

When you are well aware of a High-Risk Merchant Account, you must make a list of your business requirements. It will be easier to get service after knowing your needs.

If you research the market, and looking for some prominent high-risk payment processors then you will find High-Risk Gateways on the top. It is one of the preeminent high-risk payment processing service providers in the industry.

HighRisk Gateways has a feature-packed solution for all types of business. Your business nature will barely bother us by providing our services to you. We offer a High Risk Payment Gateway to merchants to help them receive their payouts from local and overseas markets.

Our payment gateway complies with all regulations that are required to make your payment processing secure. Additionally, it comes with fraud prevention and chargeback management tools that guide you in eliminating risks involved in the business.

Various other benefits are also there that we provide with our payment gateway service. Below are some of them mentioned:

  • Easy integration process in affordable pricing
  • Dedicated MID
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Multicurrency payment processing
  • Virtual terminal
  • PCI-DSS Level 1 Compliant payment gateway
  • Credit card processing
  • Offshore payment processing
  • 24*7 Technical support

Make your global dealings more convenient with offshore payment processing

No one wants to limit their business. Every merchant dreams of getting their products and services on demand worldwide. But due to not having an ideal resource, they have to compromise with their business.

HighRisk Gateways has the solution for the merchant to expand their reach globally. Our Offshore Merchant Account allows merchants to manage their business worldwide. Merchants can process and accept payment from their customers globally with our International Payment Gateway.

In order to make their payment processing more flexible and convenient, our payment gateway allows them to process payments in any currency. As a result, your international customers can make payments in their desired cash.

In a nutshell, we come as a comprehensive solution to help your business grow globally.


High-Risk Payment Gateway is the need of every business that falls under the high-risk category. It is the best way for the merchants to make their payment processing more secure and convenient for their customers.

To get more information about High-Risk Merchant Account or HighRisk Gateways, connect with us right away.

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