Doesn’t matter how you put it. But, with the help of a high-risk merchant account, you’ll come out unscathed. From what? Oh! That thing is high-risk. Many individuals (high-risk merchants) think that without a proper solution they can run their businesses for too long. But the reality is different. If we look from the business perspective, we’ll find many loopholes that are creating conflict between our earnings and growth. That thing is the risk which we mostly avoid. But, don’t worry! HighRisk Gateways will help you out. 

Mark our words!

Businesses rise depending on their active partners. How they (partners) react to your growth or downfall defines their future scenario in a very clear sense. A partner should think about what would happen to the merchants’ business if they (partners) don’t act properly. Unless the case is you don’t care what happens to the business.

Brands’ growth depends on the hardship of its promoters. Not only advertising company can advertise your brand but also experienced people can suggest better plans. Now let’s talk about, what to do for the growth of online businesses.

Online Businesses | Merchant Accounts

Online businesses have surely secured their space in the international market. And the merchant account helps them to collect online money from their business. But why does it come to the existence of high-risk merchant accounts?

There is more than one reason to say, that why do you need a high-risk merchant account. But some of them made it necessary to have one by your side. The reasons are acceptance of card payments online, chargeback, and online fraud. 

A high-risk merchant account is dedicated to those merchants who receive card payments and have a high chargeback ratio. Due to the risk factors aligned with such businesses, banks especially avoid any confrontation.

So, except for the issues of chargeback and frauds, they don’t even have support from banks for merchant services.


PSPs commonly provide merchant services to merchants collecting online payments. But for high-risk merchants, only an experienced and that who had dealt with high-risk business in the past can provide help. What do you think that high-risk merchants suffer because of payment processing problems for too long? The reason is that they don’t have any other choice to rely on. 

But not anymore. HighRisk Gateways is one of the PSPs that worked for high-risk businesses in the international market. And have enough experience to guide merchants with all ups and downs. A high-risk merchant account has several features. And it facilitates merchants with convenience at payment processing. 



Real-Time Reporting System

To handle situations like unwanted chargeback and loss of resources you need a perfect solution. This account has the feature of a real-time reporting system. And this system alerts the user with defined details of transactions in a systematic manner.

So, the merchants can go through them anytime, shortly. For extra support, this system alerts the merchants of the dysfunction of any feature in the payment processing software. It’s just to make sure that the problem won’t take much time to resolve. 

Bank Cascading

With the support of several reliable acquiring banks, merchants get this feature within this account. And that ensures successful payment processing for the high-risk merchants. Mostly happens, when the PSP doesn’t have the support of a reliable acquiring bank. 

But with us, merchants don’t need to worry about that. We have the support of several reliable acquiring banks. Even if one bank refuses to process the transaction, another one will take the initiative and complete the process. Isn’t that worthy of praise?

Credit Card Processing

Globally, the most favorable mode of payment is credit cards. Just because with credit cards customer gets several amazing offers, merchants should try to give them the reason to stay. There are several PSPs that are admitting that they can provide you successful credit card processing facility. 

But an expert needs not blabber about such promises. Instead, they do it practically and prove it. HighRisk Gateways is giving you a piece of advice to use this opportunity. And turn your targeted audience towards your side. This merchant account can accept card payments with ease and with a high-risk payment processor can process them faster.


While doing business online you don’t know who will buy your product in which second. So, you must be ready for any situation. The fact that your business is globally connected to everyone creates the possibility of several currencies as well.

To deal with this situation, this merchant account is the best solution. This account has the feature of multi-currency support that helps merchants receive payments. It gives convenience to the consumers, so they can pay in the option they want.


How would you feel if you get several easiest formulas for a question you’re trying to solve for so long? Amazing, right? Similarly, when consumers get several options to choose from for paying their bills, they get excited too.

This merchant account has the support of a feature and that is alternative payment modes. APM lets the consumer pay in the popular modes of payments they’re used to. This way, consumers get more comfort and merchants get a chance to improve their social image.


For faster processing, this merchant account has the support of a high-risk payment processor. This processor can process online transactions within seconds. Other processors in the market may not be able to provide the performance that you want.

But you can fully rely on this processor without any worry. This processor can also process high-value transactions without any issue.


Security is the priority for any organization that is doing online business. Consumers also get afraid of those sites which do not provide security against online criminals. Our merchant account has the support of 3D security that doesn’t let the transaction get processed without an OTP.

Other than that this merchant account has other security features too.


At last, this merchant account has the feature of fraud prevention tools. These tools check every transaction to clarify that the transaction is made by the actual cardholder or any fraudster. If the details match with the owner of the card the transaction will get processed without any delay.

And if it is found to be suspicious it will be stopped immediately. This is only for the sake of merchants and their consumers. We try every way to protect merchants and their consumers from cyberbullies.


HighRisk Gateways has been serving in the industry for so long. And now we are trying to give a chance of change to you. We have several strategies to support your back. With our expert advice, you’ll be able to achieve your goals faster.

Our blog section is always ready to guide you with the information you need. More experience means more chances of growth. This merchant account has the features to help your business grow among the harsh competition. To get your high-risk merchant account contact HighRisk Gateways.


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