High-risk Merchant Account

High-Risk Merchant Account -Priceless Way to Outstanding Profit Density

In this digital era, are you a merchant who is still selling physically? Do you need to accept payments online? Highrisk Gateways offer High Risk merchant account , to make your online payments flawless.

E-commerce is thriving globally as many people are shopping online. This is the way merchant can easily target international customers. Also, profits are skyrocketing with advanced selling tools like digital marketing. But still there are many hurdles to optimise profit from your online business. To name a few there are issues of charge-backs, credit card frauds, stringent laws, banks rejecting payment processing applications and many more. These e-commerce hassles are inevitable, but there is only one way you can avoid this I.e. by getting a High-risk merchant account.

Why do you require a Merchant account?

A merchant account enables e-commerce merchants to process payments and provide customers with multiple payment methods. It acts like an intermediary between the customer’s issuing bank and merchant acquiring bank for processing the electronic transactions. Every enterprise has a merchant account for accepting credit card payments, multiple currency payments and to provide security for customer details. A merchant account is necessary to protect and analyse all business transactions.

What is a high-risk merchant account?

A merchant who wants a merchant account for payment processing approaches financial institutes and banks for their services. After completely assessing the business, they evaluate into high- and low-risk industries. Also, if your business possesses a high risk, then banks may reject your application.

Banks may reject you because of:

1 – High-chargeback ratio

If you are a merchant and your online business has high charge-backs, then banks might not accept you for payment processing services, because your business may be a liability for them in the long run.

2 – Debit and Credit card frauds

Also, instances like online credit and debit card frauds make your platform vulnerable to unapproved transactions, which make banks susceptible to longevity of business.

3 – Certain legal restrictions

If the business has many legal restrictions such as the adult industry, gambling sites and many more this restricts banks to trust the business industry.

So if banks and financial institutes don’t offer services to high-risk businesses, then who will?

Luckily, there are hundreds of payment service providers who are experts in high-risk industries. These services may cost a little extra than a low-risk merchant account but they are strong alternatives to what banks might offer. For instance, Highrisk Gateways is a payment processing provider and has expertise in handling high-risk businesses. You can easily approach and have your doubts settled with our expert team.

How to shop around for a high-risk merchant account?

1 – Affordable Charges

Choose a merchant account provider who offers the lowest prices possible in the high-risk industry. As a high-risk merchant it is very hard to find handsome prices but still compare all the right providers. Highrisk Gateways offer best prices for high-risk businesses.

2 – 24×7 Technology support

Online business is very volatile as more and more updates flood the internet. Make sure that you have the support from the payment processing company to withstand all technology modifications.

3 – Offshore solutions

To take your products and services to foreign countries, you need a High-risk offshore merchant account which will allow you to profit from international customers. We provide the Offshore Payment Gateway solutions to take your business to new heights of global success.

4 – PCI-DSS complied

For protecting customer’s sensitive card details, make sure that the merchant account provider follows all PCI-DSS guidelines and procedures. This factor is very important to check while choosing a payment partner.

5 – Relevant industry expertise

Having an expert with you can help you beat all business problems. Such as Charge-back reporting, Fraud alerts and transactions reporting. Make sure the payment provider has experience in high-risk industries. This will clear all your business stress.


Choosing a right High-risk merchant account will profit the business, as it will ease the payment processing. Customers can easily pay via credit and debit cards.
Also, along with a merchant account you can get additional services as well.

Highrisk Gateways provide:

  1. 24×7 customers support,
  2. A dedicated MID,
  3. Charge-back prevention tools
  4. Multiple payment options
  5. Easy Checkout
  6. Instant approval
  7. A powerful dashboard
  8. Easy integration

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