High-Risk Merchant Account

Industrial Solution via High-Risk Merchant Account

Enhancing the pay-outs and accepting online transactions need a High-Risk Merchant Account. A business of any scale needs revenue. Online payments are the trends that nobody can ignore. However, there are ample industries that are categorized in High-Risk Sector by the financial institutes around the world.

Conventionally banks try to avoid these businesses due to parameters such as high chargeback ratio, more frauds, volatility of the business, etc. Hence they are denied a merchant account from them.

On the other hand, there are merchant account providers who charge a huge fee for setting up a merchant account onshore. This is the status quo of the merchants from this sector.

We come to the picture at exactly this moment. Let us elaborate on how HighRisk Gateways can help you to get a merchant account and set up a High-Risk Payment Gateway for your business.

Enhancement of Financial Dealings Through a High-Risk Payment Gateway

The Payout and the online Transactions top the list of priorities for a High-Risk Merchant. Here are some ways that a Merchant Account from Us Can Help your business

Instant Approval

HighRisk Gateways has a scalable reach to various banks at different places in the world. Setting up an offshore merchant account takes minimal time. Your Credentials will be forwarded straightway to different banks for instant approval.

Debit and Credit Card Processing

credit cards have always been a preferred mode of payment around the world. With a merchant account at a trusted bank, you can seamlessly process card payments on your website. The basic necessity of a business is to allow consumers to pay through their banks and credit cards. Therefore, we keep the channel of payment processing handy for the merchants.

Support Multiple-Currencies

If you are a merchant with domestic business and want to expand it to other nations then global currencies play a major role. Looking for currencies such as the UK Pound, the USA Dollar, and various more for your business is normal. Business expansion is a vital part of a corp. Hence, we reach the banks that support multiple currencies at the lowest conversion rates. A huge volume of transactions will be flowing in through the global clients on your website. Our clientele’s positive feedbacks are our duty and we work to strengthen your business.

Offshore Merchant Account to lower your Taxes

The global account paves a way to augment your financial dealings with the consumers. Connecting your business at various places through an offshore merchant account becomes easy. Through that, you can promote your business to those countries. A secure merchant account from an acquiring bank is beneficial for your business. As it significantly lowers the taxes that you have to pay as well as the privacy of the finances is upgraded for your business.

Fraud Prevention for your Business Payment

HighRisk Gateways keep special care for fraud prevention. We understand that your business is a potential target of fraudulent activities and scammers. Therefore, we keep a keen check on the prevention of frauds and scams. PCI DSS Compliance and SSL Certification on our payment gateway to process the payments instantly terminate the procedure of the fraudsters.

Security Through High-Risk Payment Gateway

Security for a merchant who works in the online world plays a major role. If you are a merchant with a high-risk business, safe pay-outs are not an option but an essential entity. Securing all your transactions through a 3DS or Non-3DS payment gateway will protect the payment processes from all frauds and chargebacks.

However, a Merchant Account is not enough for a Merchant to accept the payments. There is a long-lost brother of a merchant account that you need to take into consideration. As simple as that, it is a payment gateway. We also provide the best service for Forex Trading Merchant account all over the globe with the best rate.

Why do you Need a Payment Gateway with a Merchant Account?

Here are some of the reasons for you to get a payment processing channel:

Online payments can be processed

a merchant account can only accept the payments. However, a payment gateway is utterly necessary to process the payments to your merchant account. A payment gateway will allow your consumers to choose the mode of payment, the currency, and complete the online payment hassle-free.

Easy Checkout

with our payment gateway there are no re-directions. Single-window is enough for all the payments to process and complete. A Transaction can be easily completed through various modes of payment without wandering off to another tab or browser window.

Global Card Saving

the facility to keep all the details safe and secured for future transactions is a great to-have convenience feature for your business and consumers. It allows the users to quickly pay for the transactions in the future without the hassle of entering all the payment details again.

Shopping Cart Integration

the eCommerce Business can get shopping cart integration as well. Getting an eCommerce Payment Gateway will allow you to seamlessly integrate the shopping cart with our payment processing channel to seamlessly checkout with the details.

This is a mini introduction to the payment gateway that will help your business to get the payments processed into the merchant account.

Benefits at the Tip of Your Fingers

Getting a High-Risk Merchant Account with a Payment Gateway will significantly increase your business and revenue generation. Simply allowing the payments on your website by the consumers will kick-start your business.

Early access to the payment processing solutions will head your corporation to a smooth start. With a merchant account, you can head straight to accepting the payments, and with a payment gateway, you can allow the transactions to happen not only on our website but also on the mobile application.

Every merchant is different according to the business models and needs. Therefore, HighRisk Gateways assist every merchant personally. Our expert team will get in touch with you to solve all the queries and needs. We use advance cutting-edge API, SDK, and various plugins to enhance your business with a payment gateway.

On the other hand, we have the Merchant Account Services that is again handled by a personalized professional in-house team to get instant approvals and setting up of the account.

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