High-Risk Payment Processor

What is a High-Risk Payment Processor?

A high-risk payment processor is capable of processing online payments with secure networks. This processor is working with a set of merchant services. Those services are a high-risk payment gateway and high-risk merchant account. Combo of these services can help high-risk merchants to grow their businesses.


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High-risk merchants have many reasons to apply for such services. First, they don’t have much support from financial institutions. And that’s where they don’t get access to merchant services for their business needs.

Merchant services are essential to running a business successfully. With merchant services, the merchant can think about how to expand their businesses. These services allow them to take risks as much as they want.

But who gets fame without pain? This is a fact that without risk earning money isn’t easy. Merchant services as payment gateway and merchant accounts help merchants to get online payment with ease. But why do financial institutions turn their back on such businesses?


A merchant is never a high-risk merchant from the beginning. But the circumstances and the situations made them like this. When businessmen start to see an imbalance in their capital, they should get an idea that what is going to happen.

Little by little the rate of transaction failures and the chargeback will start to increase day by day. This will become the reason for the title of a “high-risk merchant”. Then when they try to ask for merchant services from financial institutions they’ll be rejected by them in an instant.

Now what?

These merchants can request high-risk PSPs, to get the work done. PSPs are generally payment service providers. They are capable of providing solutions to reduce the effects of high-risk factors upon such businesses.

Well, even then you’ll meet several PSPs claiming they are the best without any proper idea of your business.


Among several other competitors, HighRisk Gateways has surpassed others in being credible. We have served for years in this market and have the experience to provide you with many perfect strategies.

We have worked with many high-risk sectors such as – online gaming, online casino, forex trading, and the adult industry. So, we know when the time to hit the market with the best plan is. We have connections with foreign acquiring banks.

With a reliable partner, you’ll be able to have a good experience in the online transaction. Let’s head to the benefit of this processor, and see if they are worth your attention.


3D / Non- 3D Secure

With this high-risk payment processor, you’ll get the options like 3d secure and non-3d secure payments. During transacting payments with 3 security consumers will be asked for an OTP for a double secure layer. This layer works as a protective shield for the consumers against online fraud.

On the other side, while transacting payments with non-3d security it won’t ask for any OTP and transact the payment faster. One can choose the options as per their choice and demands.

Fraud Prevention

This payment processor has the support of several fraud prevention tools to ensure merchants’ safety. Online frauds are one of the biggest threats to merchants’ companies. This feature of a high-risk payment processor will let the merchants feel safe during an online transaction.

Even before processing the payments, this feature checks the transactions’ whereabouts. And if they didn’t match with the earlier one the transaction will be put to an end immediately. This helps the merchants and consumers to get secure from online frauds.

Bank Cascading

This processor has the support of several acquiring banks. With the support of such a reliable partner, the merchant doesn’t need to worry about any problem related to payment processing. Even if one bank refuses to process the transaction another one will do it without wasting any second.

This feature will help the merchants with no payment stop, stuck, or failure in the future. Isn’t that worth praising?


Every consumer wants to pay for their favorite products in the mode of their choice. Everybody wants that, right? It’s about everyone’s preference. To give them with best customer experience this processor supports several payment modes as payment.

This helps the merchant to accept online payments easily and simply. And consumers get the choice to pay in the way they want. Options that could be available for them are – e-wallet, Net transfer, UPI, and many more. Isn’t that amazing?

Credit Card Processing

Several businesses around the world accept credit card payments. As they know credit card is the most preferred mode of payment globally. Options like this become the way to attract as many customers without any extra effort. Isn’t it?

For you, this processor can accept card payments with ease. And it can also process card payments with security. Card payments can increase the chances of success for your business for real. Undoubtedly this can increase your credibility in the eyes of other investors.

Real-Time Processing

As many processors take time to reflect payment statements in the account, this won’t do. This processor can process the payments in mere seconds. And consumers would experience the fastest payment processing.

Real-Time Reporting System

To save your transaction records systematically you’ll need the support of a perfect solution. This processor has the feature of a real-time reporting system. And this system alerts the merchants for every transaction. In the meantime, it also saves the transaction data with brief details for future use.

Also, it alerts the merchants of any problematic situation that happens in the payment processing system. This will save time for merchants to take action on the issue and resolve that in time. Also, with the help of this feature merchants will save themselves from a big loss that could happen.

Multi-Currency Support

Well, as an online merchant you get connected to several countries as well. And several countries mean various currencies. This processor has the feature of multi-currency support that lets consumers pay in their currencies with ease.

Transacting payment in the currencies of other countries will open a door of opportunity for your growth. This will help you as a responsible merchant to win the trust of your daily consumers. Also, you’ll be able to connect to a larger community of consumers as well.


Why should you trust HighRisk Gateways? What did they achieve in their working period? And who got their back? HighRisk Gateways has the experience of working in the international market since 2012. And during our working period, we have learned many strategies to win over drastic situations.

With that, we got the support of several acquiring banks. And with us, you’ll get the following facilities:-

Chargeback Protection

Whenever we get an alert of the chargeback, we check it thoroughly. We always check whether the product’s condition is matching the claimant’s claim or not. If the condition matches with the T&C of the products according to the company’s policy the claim will be justified.

And in the chargeback period, the amount will be transferred to the claimant’s account. Otherwise, the claim will be nullified after we get evidence of a false claim from the merchant. This feature will help the merchant to reduce the rate of chargeback.

PCI DSS Compliance

HighRisk Gateways has the level 1 certification of PCI DSS. And our whole team follows the rules and regulations stated by the PCI DSS for consumers’ and merchants’ security. We always try to provide convenience and a sense of security to merchants and their clients.

Merchant Support

While operating this merchant service, if merchants face any problem they can ask us for help 24×7. Our experts will be ready to provide them with the best guidance. And if their consumers face any difficulty while paying for their order, they can also ask us for help. The schedule won’t be an issue.


Well, now you get the idea, that what you need to do after you decide that you’re going to apply for this or not. To know more you can simply visit our blog section or drop a mail with the help of provided details.