How Can You Get Your Own Customized Forex Trading Merchant Account?

Do you know who needs a high-risk merchant account? Merchants who were ever rejected from financial institutions for a decent merchant account for their daily financial processes need this account to handle all their issues related to payment processing. How can you get it now? It’s very simple to find a reliable merchant account provider who can provide you with all the services to meet the conditions of a high-risk industry. Banks/financial institutions don’t reject a high-risk project every time. Just your ability to handle those factors depends on your skills. If you can prove to them, you can actually generate enough revenue even in the event of a high chargeback. They may consider it, so that you can get faster approval from them for essential merchant services.

Highrisk Gateways has been providing its services in this area for a very long time and knows how important it is for every forex trader to maintain their momentum here, unless they want to lose a tremendous amount in a matter of seconds. Therefore, we are offering you a customized high risk trading account, and that is the Forex trading trader account.

How does this Forex trading merchant account work?

Each customized product accords to the basic needs of the user. Similarly, this merchant account is customized as per the basic needs of the merchant. This merchant account allows the user to receive all his payments in the currency of his choice. Customers can also pay for their own currency. The primary aim of a forex trader is to trade currencies with other traders outside his country, or you can say globally.

Trade In Multiple Currencies – This account lets you trade in multiple currencies, so you have got the upper hand here.

Multiple Connections – This merchant account is linked to multiple gaining banks, so there will be no further transaction failure or interruption during payment processing.

Client’s Satisfaction – This merchant account provides you with the convenience of alternative modes of payment where your customers get the convenience of fund transfers. This means they will have multiple options to transfer funds to your account like – UPI, NFT, and e-cheque and debit card.

Globally Acceptable Payment Mode – Credit cards are used in every single transaction around the world nowadays. So, you can assume how many users of this option will be available in the international market. There may also be a possibility that your regular customers may be one of them and you have to provide this option to them if they demand to pay their payment through this method. We are always up for challenges, so we have already added this facility to this merchant account so that you can also receive credit card payments.

Card Processing – Many payment processors cannot process the transaction on time or sometimes the payment gets stuck due to slow coordination among all the members involved. But now you don’t need to worry about it at all. This merchant account is working with powerful payment processing software which can easily facilitate fast coordination between all of them by notifying each of them on time and the card association gets them to follow the guidelines properly.

This merchant account completes the entire process in less than a day.

Live Reporting – If you want to be updated every second about the live record of your transactions, then this merchant account will be beneficial to you. This merchant account comes with a 24-hour live reporting system and updates its user every time a transaction takes place.

Check-in – The main reason for making a demand for this merchant account was speed and for that we provided one more facility in this merchant account. Global Card Saving is the amazing feature that allows you to save your customer’s card details in one go, provide them fast check-in facility and let them shop with hassle free experience.

Hacker-free – Security is a standard parameter in the international market and if you cannot provide security to your online customers, you cannot be counted as the best international trader. But this merchant account is PCI DSS certified and provides better level of security to your customers and assures you that your customer’s data will be safe. This will create a sense of security in the minds of your customers.

Now, we have already discussed a lot about the forex trading trader account. If you want to apply for our Forex trading merchant account, you can visit our website or you can contact us directly through below details. We offer you the best flexible contractual terms available in the international market so that you can count on us for the best services ever. Contact Highrisk Gateways and get your own Trading Merchant Account now.

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