An Overview of International Payment Gateway

Highrisk Gateways is an award-winning payment processing platform which offers secure and real-time domestic and international processing. We provide advanced international credit card & debit card processing solutions with convenient multi-currency options. You gain a consolidated view of all payments through our advanced online reporting tools. Accept payments from your worldwide customers with our International Payment Gateway which is very convenient for multi-currency.

Today’s global marketplace demands that businesses have a comprehensive and secure international payment processing solutions to handle international payments by credit card. Unlike the UK and US markets, where standard credit and debit cards are widely used, international trade requires a deeper insight into local preferences and trends. We fully understand the ever-changing global payments landscape and will work with you to address all your international payment needs, by tailoring our service to match your business requirements.

HighRisk Gateways as a Solution Provider

 HighRisk Gateways handles every aspect of the acquiring relationship, transaction processing, risk, and underwriting, settlement, charge-back management, reporting, International Payment Gateway, and customer service. By maintaining complete control and providing all services in-house, we can better ensure that your needs are met efficiently and effectively. We offer a wide variety of payment processing solutions for your specific business needs.

Offers Secure International Payment Processing

HighRisk Gateways delivers secure international payment processing services across the globe. We have a connection with the world’s leading banks. We attract merchants all over the world due to our premium services at a low price. We provide services from America to the Middle East, China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, and other countries. We have a huge set up with emerging technology to support customized International Payment Gateway services. We have the most reliable and powerful transaction platform for secure payments.

Benefits of our International Payment Processing Solution

Highrisk Gateways offer benefits such as

  • Low Fees
  • Global services
  • No chargebacks or frauds

Our Main Services

Our main services consist of several procedures which include-

Payment Authorization

We have world-class multi-currency authorization process services. We have a wide network of international banks in more than twenty countries. Our payment processor support merchants in card payments in authorization in different currencies like USD, SGD, Euro, GBP, etc. We have direct links for authorization of major cards including Visa, Master Card, American Express, Diners International, JCB, and much more.

Quick settlement

Our custom merchant account offers clearing and settlement services with flexibility. We have host driven exchange rates that are very low as compare to others. Multiple languages support for easy communication with clients worldwide. We have a flexible pricing structure that includes two-tier pricing and three-tier pricing.

Real-time reporting

Through our International Payment Gateway, we offer a single web page portal which has all the reports related to the banks, processor, and the customer. We have easy to navigate web page to view, analyze and download the real-time transaction reports. We have online tools and system that has merchant profit reports, billing reports, expense report, and consolidated reports.

Fraud protection

We have fraud and security protected tools with an automated process. Our tools detect fraud related transaction and have a secure socket layer to offer superior protection to the transactions.

Why prefer us for International Payment Processing?

We provide the best conversion rates as compared to other service providers. We have cutting-edge technology with many features. We have years of experience due to which we have a healthy relationship with banks and merchants all over the globe. So now we are able to provide merchant account and payment solutions at competitive rates. We have numerous payment options which include 54+ net banking, EMI, wallets, International cards and more. We accept all modes of payments.

We have intuitive integration services. Whether you own the website or mobile application, our International Payment Gateway is suitable for both with easy and simple integration. It supports IOS and Android devices.

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