Know All About the Ecommerce Payment Gateway

Companies like Amazon and other e-commerce websites are booming. The main reason behind their growth is the convenience they offer to their customers. The products get delivered to the customer’s doorstep and even the refunds are available at ease. The payment methods available to their platform are flexible in order to embrace the utmost number of customers.

However, we are not here to discuss Amazon’s business model but about those e-commerce websites that are planning or running with fewer figures of sales. This may be due to a number of reasons.

Availability of limited payment options or insecure e-commerce payment gateway can be one of the reasons why most of the customers do not check out besides adding products to their cart.

Payment Gateways should include multiple payment options that are easy to use and simple to checkout. There should not be any technical error while the customer is making a payment.

Ecommerce Payment Gateway

Payment gateways are an online technology that enables merchants to accept money from customers. Buyers make use of credit and debit cards for purchasing.

Payment technology has always been advancing. The use of Alternate Payment methods like e-wallets, UPI, Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, E-cash, etc is also very popular among the customers.

Understanding your customers preferred payment needs; an e-commerce website should be properly integrated with payment gateways. Merchants should always partner with such Payment Service Providers who comprehends your e-commerce shop needs.

Lack of technology and security will always deprive your business quality and but obvious decline the sale figures.

Payment gateways for your e-commerce website should be quick and responsive.

Importance of Ecommerce Payment gateway

Ecommerce Payment gateways are specially designed to meet the requirements of e-commerce merchants.

There are certain salient features of a well-furnished Ecommerce Payment gateway

Multiprocessing of transactions: This is the most common feature which is expected from a payment gateway that can process a number of transactions simultaneously.

Support of multicurrency: Customers may pay in their own currency. The facility of accepting other country currencies and converting them to merchants is one of the prime features.

Ability to refund: Ecommerce is a topped business in which requests for refunds may come in bulk due to problems in specification or quality. Payment gateways should service merchants the ability to make refunds.

Detect Frauds: Sometimes some peoples use fake card details in order to buy products. It should be equipped with security filters to ensure safe transactions.

Real Time reporting of sale transactions: This feature helps merchants to track every transaction and escalate their sale delivery.

High Risk Ecommerce Merchant Account & Payment Gateways

Ecommerce business is always a high-risk business by Acquirers. This is due to the number of refunds and chargeback. That is why they charge rolling reserve while offering a High-Risk Merchant Account.

It’s a tedious task in order to find acquirers for business. Business account history clearly indicates your credit report and fluctuations in transactions. Acquirers may scan your business profile in order to offer you a merchant account.

If how so ever merchant managed to get one. He will always require managing his business well in order to continue with the account.

High-Risk Payment Gateway allows high-risk merchants to receive payments from customers for their business. It is the High-Risk Merchant Account that is used as a bank account where all the money earned online is settled.

In an e-commerce business high-risk payment gateway along with a merchant account help, you encounter threats that usually all merchants face.

Chargeback, Refunds, and other frauds should be the main consideration while opting for a Payment Service Provider. As this is never overlooked by banks so merchants should always be aware of the impact on business.


Highrisk Gateways let you overcome every problem related to e-commerce payment gateways. It’s completely equipped with all the solutions that an e-commerce merchant will require in order to ensure the credibility of payment over his online platform.

We ensure your payment is swift, secure, and complete within no time and also help you against online frauds and chargeback.

Our team of experts is available to sort out every technical issue that is affecting your sales growth and even encourage merchants about the best payment alteration that will boost your sales.

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