An Overview of Law Firm Merchant Account

Law Firms Merchant Account

Law firms are now not restricted to the offline meetings. You have to wait for days to visit lawyer at their office because of the appointment with them. These firms are now gaining importance online. Due to digitization, the law firms are making their presence online. For having the online business, it is obvious that payments will be done online through law firm websites. To accepts payment through credit card, debit card online from your clients, you have to set up a secure and reliable Law Firm Merchant Account. The people are using the credit cards for making the payments online. The credit card payments are the high-risk payments. But through a merchant account, the risk of payments is reduced.

So if you are looking for merchant services for your law firm to accept payments from your worldwide clients, Apply now with HighRisk Gateways for quick approval with zero set up fee.

Why you need a Law Firm Merchant Accounts?

Law firm services are specific as compare to other merchant accounts. You need a customized solution for your online presence. The fees charged by these firms are also high so there is a risk of chargebacks. So, there is a huge need to have a merchant account provider who can give you the best solution for receiving domestic and International payments with Chargeback management and fraud protection.

Why HighRisk Gateways for Law Firm Merchant Accounts?

Due to having experience of more than 6 years in providing merchant services, We have built a good relationship with the payment service provider(PSP) and worldwide banks. Our expert team will assist you in all merchant services to get quick approval. If you approach bank directly for the approval of merchant account, it will take a long time in getting you approved due to lengthy documentation. Here, we will not take a week in setting up the merchant account. We will assist in the management of the Billing, collections and cash flows through our virtual portal. Along with the Law firm Merchant Account, we will manage your chargeback and prevent from fraud transaction. Our services are available at the lowest rates in the market. We believe in long term relationship with our clients through our excellent services.

Benefits of signing with us for Merchant Account

Get approval within 48  hours
People choose us because of hassle free set up. We make convenient process for sign up. You just need to fill application with few documents. Your account will be approved in one go. We have proven to deliver speedy sign ups.

Customer Support team:
Apart from a qualified and experienced team, we have one to one friendly approach. Our team is always there at any time. We assist you in account set up, technical issue and billing.

Real-time analysis:
You should choose us because we provide real time data and reports. You can download the reports of sale, purchases, invoices etc on daily or monthly basis.

Quick payments:
We process all the online payments quickly. Our payment gateway has tools for the phone payments, checks by webs, credit card processing other payment options. We have electronic check process system which makes us different from others. We also provide recurring payment options to the end customers.

Contact us today for our Law Firm Merchant Account by emailing us on or call us on 011-3959-5940 to talk our experts directly for further information.