Get Payment Solutions for your Lottery Pool Business

Business online or retail needs security of finance that is earned or paid to someone; we understand this urgency and have taken better precautions for you. HighRisk Gateways is well known for the services that are provided along with better payment solutions too. We are aware about the need of the time and so what all we provide is rare to find out.
With us you will find better payment protocols and payment processing security, protection from any fraudulent action on the payment gateway, multiple payment modes, direct debit systems and many more. We assure you that we won’t let your business down.

What is a Lottery Pool Merchant account?

As you are aware that lottery is all about gambling and gambling is all about chance and luck. Even though lottery is all about chance it is illegal in some countries & legal in others. Lottery Pooling is a type of business which is going on from past many years. So if you are also thinking or planning accordingly to put up a Lottery Pool Business then choose HighRisk Gateways” we are leading in assistance for all such high risk merchants.
So if you install this business you should have an early access for receiving payments on time. Joining us can help you get your payments faster as we provide the best payment solutions & processors.

How can you open a Lottery Pool Merchant Account with us?

To open and get started with us for a Lottery Pool Account, you need to qualify in three sectors like:
1) A positive payment processing history.
2) Your transaction value should be agreegate.
3) And the Total Volume of your sales & Transactions should be appropriately high.
The following are the requisites to opening a Lottery Pool Merchant Account:
1) Fill in the application form that is on our website and mail us on or chat with us directly.
2) Documents like the identity proof, Certificate of Incorporation, Articles of association & Memorandum of association and Void Check, all need to be submitted with the offline application.
3) Your payment processing history for 3 months along with bank statements for 6 months maximum.
4) You will get your approval in just 7-10 days tentatively depending on the documents and proofs submitted.

What shall be your strengths if you join us for a Lottery Pool Merchant Account?

1) You will experience the best credit card processing systems and protocols.
2) As we are famous for providing the best payment solutions you will get a reliable, secured & safe process.
3) We also assist you to receive or accept money in multi currency.
4) We also provide direct debit features and faster pay out options too.
We provide 24*7 assistance to our customers so that they are not forced to suffer due to our services. We take care of end to end transactions by encrypting each and every ongoing transaction from the customer to the vendor.