Get a Matrimonial Service Merchant Account today with HighRisk Gateways!

The thought of having an online business established is not dangerous but maintaining that business in real time practice along with all the requisites is tough. The business includes receiving or paying off payments, better services to the customers, good security and reliable services etc. HighRisk Gateways are here to accept the challenge of difficult business deals & high-risk merchants too who are dealing in high-risk industries.
As Matrimony services are highly risky, this business has high volumes and has no prediction about anything! Certainty cannot be claimed. As in this service chargeback’s are high, providing service becomes a priority! HighRisk Gateways understands you!

What do you understand by the term Matrimonial Service Merchant Account?

Matrimonial Services or Marriage Services are one and the same these websites or firms are officially into connecting people to settle them together legally. These firms work on behalf of people who register themselves and find out the better match for them.
The firms or website or businesses that deal in Matrimonial Services are said to be high-risk merchants and receiving payments through credit cards and various payment modes is a day to day activity for them too. HighRisk Gateways understands this fact and has brought in many solutions for such businesses who deal in high-risk industries. If you are facing various payment problems then you are at the right place to get a perfect solution for your business requirement.

How can you apply for an Online Domestic & Offshore Matrimonial Services Merchant Account?

Here are some few easy steps you need to follow and you will have your Online Matrimonial Service Merchant Account:
1) You need to Sign Up or Log In, into our account to use our services.
2) Fill in the application form available on our website or chat with us online and submit us your business details and queries.
3) Submit your License or Certificate of Incorporation or Agreement with your other customers.
4) Show us your total dealings that took place and the payment processing history.
5) Along with all the important documents submit your bank statements for the past 3 months.
6) Expect your approval within 6-8 working days wherein for confirmation our executive shall connect with you to know what your application status is.

What services will you enjoy after applying for an Online Matrimonial Service Merchant Account?

As we know your needs, we have ultimately made ourselves eligible to solve the problem you face during payment processing. The features that you will get with us are:
We provide better secured, reliable payment processors which are secured with SSL Certificates, ACH Features, Direct Debit, Multicurrency payment accepting feature, fraud protection API certificates & protocols, many payment processing modes, better credit card & debit card payment processing systems etc.
We are connected with you all the time where we assist you in each and every transaction that you go through as we monitor everything and ensure that your transactions are safe. You shall have no Chargebacks with us! Happy News isn’t it!