MOTO – Mail Order Telephone Order

Allowing you to do business wherever you are.
Accept phone, fax and mail orders by processing credit card payments manually.
We believe that gaining access to merchants everywhere is vital to the success of your business. As a HRG merchant, you automatically receive a free MOTO terminal (also known as Virtual Terminal), a browser-based tool that allows you to process credit card payments manually.
Your HRG MOTO terminal allows you to securely process credit card payments from any computer that’s connected to the Internet, giving you the flexibility to accept payments from any location. It ensures that all credit card payments are fraud-checked by HRG’s advanced fraud-prevention system, providing real-time processing and payment approval for all legitimate transactions.

With your MOTO facility, accept both online and offline transactions securely, with an inbuilt automatic approval receipt system, providing immediate verification to your customers.

Benefits of HRG’s MOTO tools include the ability to:

Process payments instantly anywhere in the world, from any computer that’s connected to the Internet
Provide payment options to customers who can’t (or prefer not) to pay online
Accept purchases via mail order, fax, and phone (including your call center)
Take orders and accept payments in person while at fairs, meetings, conventions, etc. using a wireless device
Custom reporting tools and real-time statistics available online

Virtual Terminal

Virtual terminal is basically online system of a physical credit card terminal known as Point-of-Sale (POS).
It is a software based application that is hosted online in a secure server, usually on the server of service provider, and can be accessed from any internet connected web-browser. Such terminals allow call centre agents to enter a customer’s credit card details to take a payment.
Our Virtual Terminal is perfect for businesses that manually process credit and debit card payments received by telephone, fax and mail order. Process secure payments on any device connected to the Internet without the need for a website or costly integration. Whether you are a sole trader or freelancer, all you need to get started is a Mail Order / Telephone Order (MOTO) Internet Merchant Account.
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