Setup a  Multimedia Streaming Merchant Account With HighRisk Gateways

Multimedia Streaming is a business that has been in view over a long period of time and has gained a lot of success too. Streaming of videos or audio content is basically uploaded on the multimedia platform where these documents cannot be downloaded these can only be played. They don’t get saved in the hard drive of the device but are played well. In this, the user can only lay it or rewind it or forward it provided the user cannot download it. The benefits of this multimedia streaming are that the developers and the organizers can actually keep a strict watch on what all the users are seeing or doing and for how much time limit. If you are providing multimedia related product or services and looking for a multimedia streaming merchant account, then apply now with highRisk Gateways.

Are Multimedia Streaming merchants said to be high riskers? And why?

HighRisk Gateways actually understand the current needs of its customers. As there are a lot of chances of hacking and any other fraudulent activities to take place. We provide better-secured gateways while payments are processed. Generating revenue through online merchant services is the only source that Multimedia Streaming Merchants have and safety for them is the must! Even though your business is small or large we are here to assist you. Even though you have a bad credit score we are here. HighRisk Gateways is a well known as they assist the high-risk merchants on a priority basis. Multimedia Streaming companies are totally digital and controlling work digitally and controlling payment processing too gets tough and difficult. We ensure that you are able to accept credit card & debit cards while you accept payments through your customers. We have made up a goodwill in which we provide the best payment solutions to our customers. As this firm deals online, denial of service or network jamming possibilities are high and hacking possibilities are also high. We make sure that all these issues are resolved through us beforehand.

How can you apply for a Multimedia Streaming Merchant account? What shall be its benefits?

Create your account by following the below steps:

  • Click on the chat option popping up on our website and ask for your queries online and get resolved or else you can fill in the application form too that is available online, once you click on Apply Now button; it will be displayed on the screen.
  • Fill in the form and mail it to our official mail id i.e.
  • Submit the relevant documents as asked in the application form and sent it through the single mail along with the application form.
  • Our executives shall view the application and the submitted documents and your approval shall be either mailed to you or you may receive a call from our executives in just 7-9 working days.

Benefits that you will get as you apply for this Online Multimedia Streaming account is as follows:

  • The rates that we charge shall be minimal and competitive in comparison to all the other companies who provide these Merchant Services.
  • You will have to bear no refunds charges or chargebacks too.
  • You will receive 100% assistance with our executives through phone calls or emails.
  • You will have the best-encrypted payment gateway which helps you securely transact with the help of Credit cards and Debit Cards of VISA, Master Card, American Express, E-wallets, Multi-State & country Currency payment acceptance, Net banking & Phone banking.
  • You will have a 3D pin secure OTP generated whenever you transact.
  • We also provide Automated clearinghouses and Virtual Checkers while payments transact also the protocols are SSI certified and API certified.