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“Faster transaction, faster growth!

A non-3d payment gateway is introduced to online merchants with difficulty in payment processing. Many processors are not capable of transacting payments faster enough to fulfill the needs of a merchant. But this payment gateway is customized according to the workload, and demands of the online businesses.

There are many opportunities that a merchant can take. But without the support of an expert, and necessary merchant services they lose their chance to shine. Businesses tighten their positions in the market and make it hard for competitors to stay still.

In this case, only an expert can guide you to fight such issues. Don’t worry HighRisk Gateways is ready to show you some strategies, and provide you with some merchant services. With these two things, your chances of winning will increase to an upper level. Let’s see what a Non-3d payment gateway has for us.

Pros of Non-3d payment gateway

Real-Time Transaction

Unlike any other payment processing software, this payment gateway is far better. This gateway doesn’t ask for any OTP to complete the payments. It’s because this gateway is customized to provide faster response time to the consumers, and merchants.

And with this feature, you’ll get the facility of real-time transactions. It means when your consumers would make any payment, it’ll be shown on your dashboard as soon as possible. There’s no need to stay for too long to complete a transaction.

Real-Time Reporting System

What would your first reaction be if we say that you’d be able to keep a systematic record, also decrease your losses? You’ll be amazed. Right? And that’s not a lie. This payment gateway has the support of a real-time reporting system.

It alerts the merchants for every transaction. Also saves the transaction details in a systematic manner with time, date, place, and amount, only to reserve them for future use. This system also alerts the merchants of any issue that could happen to the payment processing system. That’ll save you time & energy.

Multi-Currency Support

As online businesses are widely open to any person in the world, then you may face some foreigners for sales. In this case, the only option for you is to serve them with the best facility you can.

It has the feature of multi-currency support. With this feature, merchants will be able to collect online payments in several currencies from the consumers. It’ll make that easy to provide consumers with the comfort they want.

Alternative Payment Modes

Companies never leave a chance to step farther than competing companies. So, you also need to make a faster move and grab your chance. Many companies accept the popular payment modes of the country they’re dealing with.

If you could provide the same facility to your consumers then you can get the favor of consumers by your side. It has the facility of alternative payment modes. With the help of this feature, you’d be able to collect payments in several popular options. That’ll help you to gain more trust from your regular consumers.

Fraud Prevention Tools

A non-3d payment gateway may not ask for an OTP. But to secure the gateway from fraudsters this merchant service has its solution. This payment gateway has the feature of fraud prevention tools.

Whenever a transaction takes place, these tools run and check whether the transaction is done by the real-cardholder or not. These tools ensure the safety of merchants and consumers from online fraudsters.

Credit Card Processing

Even if it’s a debit card or credit card, doesn’t matter, because card payments are popular globally. And consumers mostly prefer to pay with these two modes of payment. If you would be able to transact card payments faster and securely you’d be able to gain the trust of a big community of online consumers.

It has the support of a high-risk payment processor. That processor is powerful enough to process online card payments faster than other processors. It can complete card payments within seconds that you wouldn’t even notice.

Chargeback Management System

It’s a global fact that every businessman is stressed out because of the increasing chargeback, and decreasing profit. This gateway has the support of a chargeback management system.

With the help of this system, we (PSP) get an alert on every claim. Mostly the claim doesn’t state believable facts. And just because of that, the merchants get charged for no reason. When we get the alert for any claim, we check it thoroughly so there won’t be any fraudulent charges against merchants’ products.

Online Businesses | Non-3d payment gateway

Online businesses are surrounded by many affecting factors that can either make you grow or the opposite. Change is part of everyone’s journey. Without it, no one will be able to survive. It is still business.

Businesses such as souvenir sites, tickets windows, and reservation sites, need a service like a non-3d payment gateway. This gateway has the most successful transaction rates that can benefit one’s business.

No need to worry about how you would collect those payments. You can apply for a high-risk merchant account. This merchant account is especially dedicated to high-risk merchants.

High-Risk Merchant Account

It’s a customized merchant account for high-risk businessmen. This merchant account has several beneficial features to minimize the risk of payment failure or online fraud. It helps merchants to receive online payments faster and securely.

You can rely on this high-risk merchant account, and apply for it whenever you want. HighRisk Gateways is always there for your support.

Local Banks | High-Risk

Generally, for merchant services, every merchant first goes to their local banks. As they believe that these financial bodies will accept their proposal for merchant services and will lend a hand. But not every bank is fond of taking risks.

So, because of some risk factors, they reject your ideas & concepts. No matter how amazing they could be. But you can find a PSP that has the support of reliable partners. Plus they should have experience in working with high-risk businesses.

Lending a hand is not just a phrase that you can spit out your mouth and everything settles down. It’s about consistency, patience, hardwood, and trust. So, it’s totally fine that you should find a PSP on your own. But you must consider what kinds of services they are to provide you.

HighRisk Gateways | Non-3d payment gateway

Among many competitors, as a high-risk PSP, HighRisk Gateways is becoming a leading brand. We have supported many high-risk merchants since 2012, and it’s been a great journey for us. If we talk about a non-3d payment gateway, then we’ll say it’s a perfect match for the merchants who do care a lot about speed, and convenience.

This gateway comes along with several beneficial features that can help your business to grow. Also, you can contact our consumer support to get the best solution for your business. After discussing your business needs, and factors affecting them, we’ll provide you with the best solution.

For more information, you can go to our blog section, and read about our other services as well. If you want to get this non-3d payment gateway with a high-risk merchant account, drop a mail.


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