Safe and reliable Nutraceutical Merchant Accounts powered by HighRisk Gateways

HighRisk Gateways provide services to the following industries like Nootropics, Natural male enhancement, Vitamins, Weight loss supplement and much more. Due to the risk associated with these industries, banks have stopped the merchant account support and services. Many merchant account providers do not understand the requirement and provide the solution which will lead to business termination in future. We provide the credit card processing gateways that are suitable for the nutraceutical industry which will provide future growth and success of your business.
The nutraceutical companies face the risk due to the banned substances. Such businesses need a good planning and focus to achieve success. In this industry, the products have to be available to the customer in compliance with the industry laws. The nutraceutical merchants rely on the online payments mainly by credit card. They need a credit card processor to grow their business.

How we help our Nutraceutical Merchants

The nature of the company gives many challenges to the owner. Not only have they faced problem in setting up the merchant account but also in the marketing and labeling of such products. Our dedicated assigned manager will understand your entire requirement. The manager will provide you a unique solution for your company. All the process of application will be done legally in a simplified manner.
We don’t believe in troubling the client and making them frustrated while applying for the merchant account. Nutraceutical is the high risk industry. Many financial institutions and bank will deny the application if you apply directly to them. We have the wide range of networks worldwide. We have years of experience and developed the good name in providing the merchant account services. If you apply through us, you will get an easy hassle-free solution.
We are here to provide you the opportunity to receive domestic and international payments with ease at the low rate of interest. To meet your unique need we have full-fledged personalized merchant solutions.

Reasons to choose our merchant account solutions

We work in the best interest to serve your requirements. Our payment gateway, shopping carts, report tools, real time analytical system, full customer support and other services will surprise you. We have good pricing plans which are flexible to your requirement. We have the quick and fast way to receive your credit card payments. We have cost effective solution to process electronic payments. We provide shopping cart as the complimentary feature. Our gateway has fraud track system which tracks each and every transaction and rejects the fraud transaction.
We have the virtual terminal to support your e commerce business. We do not charge for set up, virtual terminal, API integration, shopping cart etc. We provide one stop merchant account solution with the minimum charge. We believe your growth is our success. Contact us today for all your merchant account solutions. We are happy to take care of your entire requirement. We will help you in setting up the merchant account quickly and safely. We have served hundreds of Nutraceutical Merchant accounts.