Solve your Problems by applying for an Online Apparel Merchant Account with HighRisk Gateways!

Online apparel business is a new flourishing business that has started to bloom all around the globe very well. This business needs fewer amounts as an investment due to its online retail website but transactions are high on these websites and they need to be secured. Many banks are associated to such apparel businesses.
We ensure that the online merchant account that you apply in with us is totally secured and has been specialist in providing the best features too. Our criteria’s and policies of providing apparel accounts is to businesses who deal in clothing, Jewellery & Imitation, Footwear, Purses & Perfumes too.

How can you apply for an Online Apparel Merchant Account?

In order to get yourself a Domestic or an Offshore Online Apparel Merchant account you need to follow these things:

  • Fill the form and suffice us with required details so that there is a complete application form we have to process the account for you.
  • Kindly give us bank statements for almost 6 months, Corporation/ Agreement of Incorporation, Memorandum of Association & Articles of Association
  • You may sit back for your approval and you may get it within 7 working days.

What features shall you get along with the Online Apparel Merchant account that you apply for?

You shall experience the features like:

  • You will have transparency & flexibility also payment integration too along with 3D pin integration which helps you transact securely.
  • You will be available to accept money in multi currency too.
  • You will have the liberty to call us for any assistance you need and our customer executives shall be available for you through calls & mails.
  • The time you apply with us for a Merchant account we ensure that there are no fraudulent activities or malicious hacking taking place while you transact through our payment gateways.
  • We ensure that the banking institutes that join you, send you and update you with each payment process that happens through them each month along with the history of each credit & debit card processing.
  • We ensure that your transactions are secure and safe and you can rely on us without any hesitation.
  • As we charge competitive rates, we ensure that you need not suffer chargeback’s as the industry you are dealing in has the possibility for too many chargeback’s and refunds along with cancellations.

What charges will you have to pay when you apply with us?

Charges like application fees, transaction fees, refund fees, cancellation fees, monthly statement fees and monthly assistance fees.