Online Gaming Merchant Account and Their Obstacles

High Risk Merchant Account

High-risk merchant account is a secondary option for high-risk merchants as banks will not provide them with a normal merchant account and merchant services. But the high-risk merchant account is like the basic version of the android app which will be useful in every website. But what if someone wants to customize it according to their business model? Today we are talking about gaming industry and it is really a vast industry where many platforms are supporting gamers to earn money from them. And to support them they need full resources to conduct each activity like payment processing, record keeping and hassle free gaming experience. For that, we may not use a local payment processor as much as a customized processor. has been working in the international market for years and has examined each sector to find exactly what they need and what clients they are dealing with. In most cases, getting a little idea of ​​what your client wants can give you some clues. That’s why we have created a customized online gaming merchant account that is fully loaded with the features your business needs the most.

Online Gaming Merchant Account

Speed and gaming experience

As a gaming merchant, you know that high-speed matters at every step here. Most games have set a time limit where players can buy their weapons and attack or defend their opponents first. Once the opponent gets his weapon first, the whole scenario can change. So your merchant account should be fast to provide them with better online gaming experience.

Smart UI system

Our Online Gaming Merchant Account is a fully customized merchant account that comes with a smart UI that helps gamers to play in a hassle-free platform.

In-game payments

In online gaming, players find the fastest option of paying an amount for more equipment to fight their opponents and want the process to be completed on time. So, that they do not get distracted by annoying processes. Our online gaming merchant account gives you complete control over your website.

24*7 (Clean records)

And it facilitates you to keep a systematic track record of your transactions with the help of 24-hour live reporting system.

Quick in action

With this, this merchant account is accessible globally, with just your unique merchant ID and your password in one click.

Multi-currency trade

This merchant account can also offer your multi-currency trading and you can easily accept and transfer any currency when a gamer pays for a facility.


This merchant account provides your customers with the convenience of alternate payment modes so that they can make payments fast enough to get back to their game without delay. Those options can be – Paytm, UPI, NFT and Debit Card. But there are many more options available.

Globally acceptable

This account accepts credit cards for your payments for online gaming and faster transactions and credit cards have the power to benefit you in every sale. HRG merchant account is brimming with a fast processor that can process your credit card payments in less than a day. This merchant account keeps your records from the very beginning and gives you access whenever you want to view them.

Global Card Saving

With this merchant account, you will get the facility of Global Card Saving and with this facility your customers can save their card details once and you will not have to go back till you think of replacing that card with another card. There is no need to look back.

Gamers’ privacy

This merchant account is fully protected with the protection of PCI DSS and it encrypts your customer’s data so that the data is never leaked under any circumstances. This account follows all the rules and regulations as instructed by PCI DSS.

The reason is simple, firstly no online gamers want to pay a penny for friction weapon on online website they think they can get scam by any fraud receiver and secondly if they even buy something from that website so they demand a secure platform and keep their identity private from any other player.

Flexible terms & conditions

We offer you this merchant account in the best flexible contractual terms so that soon you can ask for a modification of the contract to expand your business. is a professional in its field and we can prove to you. You are going to make yourself successful in future with our services. If you want to know more about our services, you can visit our blog section. Or you can call us directly on below details.

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