Increase your revenue from our Online Gaming Merchant Accounts

It is fun to have a gaming website and earn lots of revenue. But credit card processing feature may block your running business. You will never be satisfied from the wrong gaming merchant account. For safe and reliable solution, HighRisk Gateways can serve the specific online gaming merchant account need. We will provide a good affordable solution with premium services. Whether you are into the online gambling, Poker, Blackjack, Wheel of Fortune or any risky games, our online payments solutions fit for all types of games.
Online games are the games played through the internet via a computer network. Various PCs, consoles, and mobile device support the software for online gaming. The online games vary from the simple text games to the complex virtual games. The culture of online game faces criticism for the violence and xenophobia. Some people are addicted to the online games.
The online game has attracted people all over the globe from any age, nationality, and occupation. There is a boom for the online gaming in an industry. The people are getting addicted to the online game. There are many forms of online games like First person shooter game, Real time strategy game, multi-player online game, Console or cross platform game, browser game and much more.

Who are Gaming Merchants?

Now gaming merchants are getting customers all over the world. These merchants run the online gaming businesses and earn high revenues worldwide. Highrisk Gateways allows the gaming merchants to enjoy the benefits of high revenue through the safe online payment gateway. They are able to receive the international payments in one go. Through our merchant account services, the end customer is able to make payment in their domestic currency. The merchants get the settlement in their home currency at nominal fees.

Benefits of our Online Gaming merchant Accounts

We enable the gaming merchant to earn high revenue by providing the facility for international payments. There is no risk of getting less pay. The currency charge is low. We help you in getting the international customers. These customers have the benefit of paying in their home currency. You can download the MIS easily at any time through our payment gateway.
The customer enjoys the transparent transactions. Through our payment gateway platform, there is an instant conversion of the currency. This built customer confidence. The card holder from any country can make the payment in their home currency. The exclusive part is that customer can redeem the points in their currency.
Fraud Prevention: We has fraud prevention suit which identity frauds online through its detecting tool.
AVS checking: It is address verification service. It reduces the element of risk. It will check in three ways that is full match, partial match and no match. This is an important feature for your high-risk business.
Enhance reporting tool: our reporting tool provide real time transaction reporting interface. You can track the previous records.