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Advantage of having an Online Poker merchant account with us

Through merchant account, you are able to receive payments online via the customer. There are various means of payment like credit card, debit card, wallet etc. To support all the payment options, you need a safe and secure merchant account. We cater the need of all size of merchants. You don’t need to visit banks and institutes for the request of merchant account. HighRisk Gateways have one stop solution for the online poker merchant account services. Through us, you will receive direct payment with less rate of interest.
Poker is one of the famous games all over the world. The trend is changing for poker. The traditional way was to play poker at clubs, parties, gathering or in-house party. Now, who are fond of poker are playing these games online. They enjoy playing online poker is basically a card game which is based on gambling and strategy. It is the game which is played for many hours, unlike other cards games. The winner is not clear till the last round. The poker game is nowadays played online by thousands of people worldwide. According to some survey, the poker online game company makes the revenue of around 80 million dollars at the highest.
Due to this changing trend, new companies have joined the gambling industries to earn high returns. Many businesses are setting up the website to run poker business online. The poker game is at high risk, for poker websites it is not easy to find the reliable merchant account service provider. With us you can easily set up the online poker merchant account with no extra effort. Our process is quick and simple. The poker game is legally regulated in many countries like the United Kingdom.

How merchants earn from the online poker websites

There are four ways the merchant earns which are as follows

  • Rake- It is basically collected for hosting the game. The expense for online poker table is low than offline poker. It is the fee collected for allowing you to play the game.
  • Sit and go tournaments- It is 5-10 percent extra to the entry cost. Hands played in multi tabled which is scheduled before. It goes to prize pool along with the rake.
  • Integrating online casino on poker website- The games like blackjack, roulette or side bets are also played with online poker. Merchant earns from other services also.
  • Reinvestment- Merchant invests the player deposited money to earn more revenue.

How poker merchant account works?

A online poker merchant account is not at all complex. The poker customer will create or sign up with your website. The customer will read the terms and make the payment online for e.g. by credit card. Our payment gateway will check the details and process the payment. You will get the payment in few hours. This is how the system will work. For more details contact us on 011-39595940 or email us at We are happy to serve you.