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It doesn’t matter whether you’re Canadian or not. If you’re looking for a payment gateway in Canada, then you’re at the right place. Why’s that? Because if you’re looking for a payment gateway then we might be able to help you to choose which one would be best for you.

Looking at the current scenario, we can say that many merchants are turning towards online markets. And to conquer this war they need the best services which will give them a push. Major Sectors in Canada that are under the category of high-risk are CBD, casinos, Tourism, Entertainment, and trading.

These are high-risk businesses, as they attract chargeback, online fraud, and other high-risk factors. And to reduce such risk factors you need the support of high-risk merchant services.


High-risk payment gateway

Businesses such as Hotels, Movie Theatres, and Tourism have high chances of chargeback. There could be many reasons for chargeback, as weather issues, last moment cancellation, and many more.

In this case, customers demand faster refunds. But when the merchants fail to return the payment in time, they receive the claim for a chargeback. To reduce the chargeback, merchants can take the help of a high-risk payment gateway.

This payment gateway has the feature of easy refunds. So, whenever there is a need for a refund this gateway will automatically precede the refunds. That’s how the customers won’t place a chargeback against the merchant.

Offshore payment gateway

Businesses such as Air Transportation are one of the kind called high-risk businesses. The risk factor in this business is that, while transporting the objects there could be high chances of damage. And that can worry anyone.

So, the financial institutions mostly try to avoid confrontation with such businesses. And that’s the reason such merchants don’t get any merchant services. But for them, there’s a merchant service and that is an offshore payment gateway.

Despite noticing the fact that this is a risky business, this gateway helps such merchants to process online transactions. Isn’t it amazing?

Non-3d Payment Gateway

Concert & event managing is such a business where the transaction rate per second is always high. And the audience who tries to buy tickets for the show wants a faster payment process. For that, one can take the help of a non-3d payment gateway.

This payment gateway allows the audiences to pay for their tickets without any OTP. It just asks for cards details and expiry date. That’s it. With the help of this, the audience gets the experience of faster transactions.


High-Risk Merchant Account

“IT” is one of the businesses under the high-risk industries. It is a high-risk business because it deals with data and tech support. And many financial institutions find such organizations as “not secure for data”. So, IT merchants don’t get much support for online payments.

Since Highriskgateways deals in high-risk, we won’t step back from helping such merchants. For such merchants, we have a high-risk merchant account. This account helps the merchant to receive online payments in several currencies. Due to that, their customers will also get convenience in making online payments.

Forex Trading Merchant Account

Forex trading comes under the high-risk category because of many reasons. One of them is higher transaction rates. The continuous flow of transactions makes it troublesome for normal processors to handle that much load.

But forex trading merchant account has the support of a high-risk payment processor. And that is capable of processing several transactions without any issue. Also, this merchant account has the feature of smart routing.

It helps the transactions to process via different routes to complete the task on time. Luck, Market Fluctuation rate, and Timing are important for making a profit from Forex trading. The merchant can’t control the luck and market fluctuations. But can certainly control the speed of the transaction.

Online Gaming Merchant Account

Online gaming has its charisma. That’s why several companies making a move, by launching their online games. But the question here is why it comes under high-risk industries. Brands are making their games high-fy and more interactive for the players.

But when players try to pay for the booster or potions, the transaction takes too much time to process. And the players lose their chance to strike back at the opponent. At that moment, the players try to claim a chargeback for their loss.

Here the problem lies with transacting speed. And to solve this issue, gaming merchants need an online gaming merchant account. This account has the feature of bank cascading. It helps the merchants to process the transaction faster.

With the help of several acquiring banks, there will be no problems like payment failure, stuck or slow processing. And the players will be able to continue their gameplay without any interruption.

Online Casino Merchant Account

Online casinos are better than offline ones. There is no need for seating arrangements or extra space. But the issues related to payment processing will never leave the back of casino merchants. The risk factor involved in online casinos is high-value transactions.

When players start betting and try to place a high-value transaction with local processors, the process doesn’t end up good. And sometimes the transaction fails. For that, online casino merchants need the support of a reliable partner.

The online casino merchant account can be a reliable partner for them. It is especially dedicated to online casino merchants. And it provides the facility of successful transaction rates on large-value payments. So, the players won’t be worried about that and easily continue to bet again.

Tobacco Merchant Account

Tobacco and CBD products come under this category for many reasons. First, they are the transporter of health risks. Second many countries have certain laws to put limits on their distributions. And these two reasons make financial institutions to be suspicious of such businesses.

Since they don’t get much support from such institutions, the last option for them is to contact a high-risk PSP. And as a high-risk PSP, we want to offer them a tobacco merchant account. This account helps the tobacco merchant to receive payments in several popular modes of payment. It provides convenience to online customers.


Credit card processing

Ski & Snowboard Resorts are a place for fun and enjoyment. But that’s not fun for everyone. Merchants who run such businesses need a perfect solution for online payments. During online booking for enjoying such sports, merchants confront a crowd of people back to back.

And most people pay for online payments with cards. So, for seamless card payments, merchants can apply for a high-risk payment gateway. This gateway provides the feature of faster credit card processing. And that makes it easy for customers to pay with any card they want. Isn’t it convincing enough?


Competition is brutal and chances of winning aren’t neutral. If you’re targeting the international market then having an expert by your side is necessary. Since 2012, we’ve met many companies that were facing issues related to the same scenario.

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