Payment Gateway in Jamaica, why and from whom we should get it? It’s not a typical question. But a lot of people are waiting for the answer. And who’ll give you the answer should be one who knows about Jamaica, right?

Jamaica is famous for many things, such as songs, dancing, hotels, motels, and many more. But why does the merchant need merchant services as a payment gateway for their businesses in Jamaica? Businessmen need merchant services to expand their businesses. But due to the risk factor financial institutions don’t give them much attention.

Can we do something to get those merchant services with ease? Yes, for that you can contact HighRisk Gateways. We’re providing merchant services in the international market for a long time. Also, our experts always stay ready to help online merchants & consumers.

Before giving you a solution we need to see which one of the services will suit you the best. Many business sectors are running on the list of leading brands. But to give them more convenience in providing their services we need to know that for which sector which service would work.

MERCHANT SERVICES | Payment Gateway in Jamaica

Merchant services are essential for business operations that are provided to merchants by local banks. But due to the risk factors attracted to online merchants, they hesitate to involve in the contract with such merchants.

Even then, it doesn’t mean that they lack support from everyone. For such businesses, PSPs are the ray of light. PSPs are the merchant services providers for those merchants that are related to the high-risk category.

Issues like chargeback, online fraud, and payment processing failure became the reason for their title. But after taking support from high-risk PSPs they don’t need to worry about such issues for too long. Now, let’s continue to the types of merchant services that are available for merchants as per different business sectors.


  • High-risk payment gateway & high-risk merchant account
  • Credit card processing
  • Offshore payment gateway
  • Ecommerce merchant a/c & payment gateway
  • Online casino merchant account
  • Forex trading merchant account
  • Why HighRisk Gateways

High-Risk Payment Gateway & High-Risk Merchant Account

A high-risk payment gateway is payment processing software that helps merchants accept payments. This payment gateway is far more powerful than a normal payment gateway. It has the support of a high-risk payment processor that has enough power to process large-value payments in an instant.

Jamaica’s online businessmen should consider looking for this merchant service. A high-risk merchant account helps merchants to receive online payments in the easiest way ever. It accepts payments simply & smoothly. It’s just so that the merchant and their consumers won’t get troubled while processing payments.

This account has several features that can provide the best facilities that can increase one’s credibility. Why not look for reliable technology, when you have the time, energy, and resources? This merchant account has several features to benefit the business.

Credit Card Processing

Credit card processing is a series of steps to collect card payments online. Everyone knows that card payments are the most preferred payment mode by online consumers. So, any business that accepts card payments will be able to get the attention of a big network.

For successful credit card processing, you need a powerful technology that can provide you ease at payment processing. We want to offer you a high-risk payment processor that is enough powerful to process card payments with 3D security. You can get the strength of this processor with the high-risk payment gateway, and a high-risk merchant account.

Offshore Payment Gateway

Beaches in Jamaica are the main reason for most of the crowds of tourists from offshore places. And the red stripe beer could be a reason too for spending money. We all know that customers don’t like to stand in the queue for too long. So, you need a faster way to transact the payments for their bills.

For that, you can depend on an offshore payment gateway. With this payment gateway, you can get the option of non-3d secure payments. It means now the transactions won’t take too much time to complete. This way the business would be able to earn more profit as expected.


Jamaica is also famous for its skills in wooden carvings. People also sell these to the people who love to take a souvenir with them for room decoration. These things are also available online for online consumers who don’t get the chance to visit abroad.

Businessmen who own e-commerce for such products must be worried about chargeback. For chargeback protection, they can get the support of an e-commerce merchant account, and a dedicated payment gateway. This merchant account has a chargeback management system that alerts us for every claim.

And if we find the claim to be false, the transaction will be nullified after we get the proof of false claim from the merchant. This gateway has the support of several acquiring banks that will never let the payment failure happen on merchants’ websites. Isn’t this a worthy deal?

Online Casino Merchant Account

Online casinos are amazing because, on one hand, they don’t need extra space or sitting arrangements for people. Plus, they offer several games for players to enjoy their gameplay. When online casinos came into existence, a crowd of players emerged in that place.

This crowd involves teenagers, middle-aged people, and old ones too. The problem started giving discomfort to players when they started facing payment failure due to a large sum. For that, we want to offer you an online casino merchant account that is dedicated to online casino merchants.

This merchant account has several features to help out casino merchants during such situations. It has features such as bank cascading, tokenization, and P2P encryption that are useful while playing games.

Forex Trading Merchant Account

Forex trading is one of a kind. But this business depends on several things. Some of them are luck, timing, speed, and market fluctuation. You can’t control luck, time, and market fluctuation. But you can control the speed of transactions which will help you to earn profit even in the toughest situation.

What to do to control the speed of transactions? You can get the support of a forex trading merchant account. This merchant account helps forex traders to accept card payments. With that, this account has the feature of alternative payment modes.

That means this account can easily accept several popular payment modes to complete the process. With this, the clients will get the convenience of trading currencies. And the merchant will be able to provide convenience to their clients. Isn’t it worthy of praise?

Best way | HighRisk Gateways

HighRisk Gateways has had the experience of working in the high-risk industry since 2012. We have never backed off from our duties. Our journey has never been boring or easy. That’s why we love challenges and dare to fight with them.

Our main vision is to help out every high-risk merchant to their fullest. And even if during this journey we may face some non-promising moments we’ll do our best. Our merchant support will help out merchants with the guidance they need.

For more info, merchants can visit our blog section and find out the information related to their needs. You can visit us, or simply drop a mail in the mail section.