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Start Accepting Online Payment from KENYA

Looking for a Payment Gateway in KENYA? Greetings from Highriskgateways. Since 2012, highriskgateways has been providing merchant services to both high & low-risk companies. Merchants are clear about their thoughts and goals.

But, ever since they entered the new era of internet-based platforms for their sales, they need experts to handle situations like that.

Kenya’s Sightseeing and Vast Wildlife Preserve

Kenya is famous for its wildlife preserve and sightseeing. But, it is also famous for its skyscrapers and top-notch business industries. Companies in Kenya sure know how to work with enthusiasm. The best thing is that including other countries Kenya’s businesses also shifted online. And to run online businesses they need technologies as needed.


Multiple Currency Processing

Secure and Reliable Gateway

Real-time transactions and status summary

24×7 Support for Merchants

Dedicated Merchant Account

Processor Flexibility


To get such services a merchant should go for a reliable PSP. We’re not trying to brag, but highriskgateways can be a reliable partner for such demands. And we’re able to provide the best payment gateway services for such businesses.


  • Since 2012, we’re working in high-risk industries and met many merchants with different kinds of issues related to online payments.
  • During the time we’ve worked for them, we got to know many issues that can arise while processing a transaction.
  • Our experts dealt with those issues and provided merchants with the best solution.
  • Highriskgateways always stood up for merchants’ help, even after a time out. Why’s that? Because we’re providing 24×7 merchant support.
  • Giving up was never an option for us, that’s how we’ve come this far.
  • We have the support of reliable acquiring banks, and we never failed to provide services on time.
  • According to merchant business growth, we suggest marketing strategies to merchants. So that they can increase their chances of brand recognition.

Now, if we talk about Kenya, then yes, we’ve researched Kenya’s market flow and transaction processes. So, from every point, we’re ready to give it a go. And it’s not that we never provided our services in Kenya.

Many merchants from Kenya already have a connection with highriskgateways. Let’s talk about how the payment gateway is going to provide its contribution to Kenya’s merchants.

Need of a Payment Gateway in KENYA

Many growing businesses are running in Kenya. To support their rapidly increasing growth they need high-quality merchant services. But due to their risky nature, financial institutions are failing to assure them with such demands.

There’s nothing to worry about. Highriskgateways as PSP is here to provide them with the best services as per their need. Businesses in Kenya need a payment gateway to accept online money. But due to no support from financial institutions, such merchants are unable to get such services.

Payment gateway makes it easy to receive payment faster with security enough to keep distance from online fraudsters. Now if you’re willing to get in a contract with highriskgateways, then we’re willing to provide you with the best services ever. Let’s get into it.

High-Risk Payment Gateway in Kenya

Highriskgateways is well known as a high-risk payment gateway service provider in KENYA. We provide such services for all types of business either high risk or low risk. This payment gateway helps merchants to accept online payments with ease.

As per the name, high-risk payment gateway, it provides the feature of multi-currency transactions. Also, it provides security of fraud prevention tools to ensure that nobody dares to deceive merchants.

It also comes with the feature of global card saving that helps consumers to save their cards on this payment gateway for their convenience.

Offshore Payment Gateway in Kenya

We’re providing a fast payment processing facility for low-risk and high-risk Offshore Payment Gateway in KENYA. Setting a proposal for benefits of merchants will be determined according to merchants’ business type.

Offshore business is quite beneficial. But to earn profit from that, one must have the resources to run it, with better technology, and proper planning. Sure, every business has its drawbacks but with better planning and the best services, it’s easy to accomplish the goals.

That’s how for offshore transactions an offshore payment gateway will be beneficial for you. It has the feature of alternative payment modes that helps the merchants to accept online payments in several popular modes.

Through research, it has been seen that customers usually like to pay with the popular modes they are used to. So, it would be convenient for them to pay in the option they want.

International Payment Gateway in Kenya

Doing business in the international market needs better relations with foreign lands. We can provide the services of an international payment gateway to any international client. Regardless of their location, they’ll be able to get the services of it.

And we always make sure that clients won’t go unsatisfied. International merchants need the perfect solution for their online transactions. And this payment gateway will be the best solution for them. This payment gateway has the support of several acquiring banks.

So, merchants won’t ever be afraid of payments transactions related issues as payment stop, stuck, and failure. This way, international merchants will be able to run their online business easily.

High-Risk Merchant Account in Kenya

Due to their risky nature, such merchants don’t get a decent merchant account. But, don’t worry. Highriskgateways has always stood up for the support of high-risk merchants. We offer you a high-risk merchant account that helps the high-risk merchant to receive online payments.

This merchant account is capable of doing many things. With this merchant account, you’ll get the feature of a real-time reporting system. This system alerts the merchants for every transaction.  And it records every transaction in a detailed systemic manner.

Also, this system alerts the merchants even when there’s an issue occurs in the payment processing system. That’s how you’ll be able to save yourself from a big loss.

Credit card processing

In the end, let’s talk about credit card processing. Well, everyone is aware of it that card payments are mostly used by online consumers for online transactions. It is just because they get many exciting offers on the purchase with cards.

And to make sure that credit card processing goes smooth, we’ll provide you with the service of high-risk payment processors. This payment processor is powerful enough to process online payments at a fast speed.

And we have the Level 1 certification of PCI DSS. So, you don’t need to worry about data security. With our support, no one will be able to steal your data and use it for their malicious goals.

Highriskgateways has worked with several high-risk businesses. Some of them are online gaming, online casino, forex trading, adult toys, and tobacco business. Now, if you’re doing business in Kenya, and want to grow your business more and more, you can contact us. A high-risk merchant account and the high-risk payment gateway will help you drive your online payment process.

Our customer support is always ready to help customers 24×7. We have many strategies by following whom you’ll be able to promote your business globally. To know more about our services, you can visit our blog section. “If you have willed to do, then we will do it for you”.