Payment Gateway in SOUTH AFRICA 

Are you looking for High Risk Payment Gateway, Apply Now at HighRisk Gateways. Payment Gateway is one of the necessary merchant services that a merchant needs for better online transactions. But why does a merchant need this merchant service so eagerly? There are several reasons for that. But before going on that topic, let’s talk about South Africa. South Africa | Safari Destinations

South Africa | Safari Destinations

South Africa is home to several traveling lovers. Most foreigners visit this place to have fun seeing safari. But still, there are many reasons why this place is counted as one of the busiest place for business.

Due to those reasons, merchants need merchant services. But financial institutions refuse their request because of some rules, and policies. And these policies recommend not staying in contact with high-risk businesses.


High-risk businesses attract lots of issues that aren’t easy to tackle without expert support. The risk factors are – chargeback, online frauds, and many more. Now, to reduce the count of these factors, merchants need the help of high-risk PSPs.


Payment Service Providers is a team of experts. They help merchants with several strategies to overcome issues related to payment processing. But you should look for the PSP that has the experience of working in the high-risk industry.

PSP serves merchants with several merchant services. But the basic two of them are a high-risk payment gateway and a high-risk merchant account. A high-risk payment gateway helps merchants to accept online payments.

And a high-risk merchant account helps the merchant to receive online payments. Now, according to every business sector, we want to offer you different merchant services.

High-risk payment gateway

Transport comes under high-risk sector because there are risks of product damaged, stolen, and more. So, because of these risk factors, merchants don’t get access to merchant services from financial institutions.

But HighRisk Gateways as a high-risk PSP offers you a high-risk payment gateway. And it has several services to help merchants with the issue of chargeback. It has the feature of chargeback management that reports us about every chargeback.

And we check every claim to testify the charge upon merchants’ products quality. If the claim doesn’t match with the T&C of the product it’ll be terminated the second we got proof of false claim from the merchant. And if the conditions are stated as written in the T&C then it’ll be accountable and compensated accordingly.

Offshore payment gateway

Pharmaceuticals and the healthcare sector are the most approached sectors in society. Just because who needs drugs (medicinal drugs) can approach offline. And if not possible then they can approach online for them.

This sector comes under the high-risk category because drugs have an expiry date. And if not consumed before that time can be harmful to the body. Sometimes merchants get cancellations on orders because the patient doesn’t feel need for them anymore.

That’s why they don’t get merchant support from financial institutions that easily. We offer them an offshore payment gateway that will help them accept online payments. Also, it will provide them with convenience for online payments.

Non-3d Payment Gateway

Businesses that need superfast transaction speed can apply for a non-3d payment gateway. This gateway doesn’t ask consumers to fill an OTP for every payment they make. And it transacts the payment as soon as possible.

Businesses such as movie theaters and hotels face continuous transactions. It is because tourists came for vacation. And that kind of business needs a powerful supporter. We want to offer you a non-3D payment gateway, and it has several other features to support you well.

E-commerce Payment Gateway

The fashion and beauty sector always stays in demand. But the competition won’t let these sectors work in peace. Businessmen that accept money online need a perfect solution to accept them smoothly.

We want to offer you an e-commerce payment gateway. And it has several features to make online payments easy. Features could be like – multi-currency support, alternative payment modes, and many more. Isn’t that amazing?

High-risk merchant account

The communications and information technology sectors come at high risk because it includes data. Data is very important & valuable to everyone, and its security can be a concern for anyone.

So, before the proof of security, no one will provide you with merchant services. But you can rely on PSPs for such services. PSPs have the experience of providing services to such industries even after acknowledging the risk factor.

We as a PSP want to provide you with a high-risk merchant account that will deliver the expected results in no time. This merchant account has the support of 3D security. Plus, HighRisk Gateways has the Level 1 certification of PCI DSS.

Forex Trading Merchant Account

For Forex traders trading is the daily routine of their daily work. And to do that perfectly they need the support of perfect technology. The forex trading website is connected to several businesses. And market fluctuation plays an important role in it.

We want to offer you a forex trading merchant account. This merchant account has several features to help the merchant grow. Some of them could be – a real-time reporting system that will alert the merchant for every transaction. And it also sends alerts when an issue occurs in the payment processing system.

Adult toys Merchant Account

The adult industry is still living in the shadows. Not only because it’s publicly unacceptable but also because people are afraid of getting caught by someone familiar. They always feel concerned about their identity among their people.

To provide them with a sense of security we want to offer you an adult toys merchant account. This account has the support of 3D security that creates double-layer protection over the website. It protects the data from cybercriminals.

Also, this account has the feature of easy returns. It helps the merchants to reduce unwanted and preventable chargeback. The feature of easy returns sends alerts about the orders that can’t be possibly delivered to the requested destination.

And when our payment gateway that is attached to this merchant account gets the details it instantly refunds the amount. It saves merchants from unwanted chargeback over the website.

Credit card processing

Many businesses mostly accept card payments. And to complete the process without any issue those merchants need a perfect solution. HighRisk Gateways has years of experience in providing merchant services.

And for you, we’ll provide a high-risk merchant account & a high-risk payment gateway. Combo of these two services can provide you with high successful transaction rates.

Now, what? That’s up to you. You should choose a perfect merchant service according to your business needs.


HighRisk Gateways is a team of experts who know how to draw the attention of the global community to a business. We have many strategies to help you out. First, you need to decide what you want to achieve.

And to fight issues related to high risk in the international market you need the support of a high-risk PSP. We as a reliable High-Risk PSP provide you with convenience & expert merchant support.

And when you’re doing online business you’re connected to millions of people globally. To provide security our team follows the rules & regulations stated by PCI DSS.

For more information, you can visit our blog section or drop a mail to contact us.